Monday, July 5, 2010

July Reading Schedule

What happened to June? I survived graduation, enjoyed a week with my grandchildren, spent another week buried in self-edits, was tied to my email inbox and calendar for five days, and dropped by my editor. And now we're into July and I'm still reading Love Slave for Two by Tymber Dalton...but I'm on the final chapter. promises on when I'll be able to read the following, but you know me; they'll carry over into August if necessary. Tymber's two books were each over 400 pages long.

Next To Be Read:

Second Act-Barb Huffert

Dictated by Fate-Fran Lee

Sudden Devotion-Nicole Morgan

Surpassing Pleasures-Anny Cook

To Be Bought:


Kentucky Woman-Amber Carlton (Siren)

Buckskins and Brocade-Amber Carlton (Siren)

Under the Covers-Eve Adams (Siren)

Riding Double-Eve Adams (Siren)


Fill Er Up-Tea Trelawny (EC)

Questing-Barb Huffert (EC)

Chaos-Barb Huffert (EC)

Stone and Sky-CSP (EC)


Single White Knight-Brynn Paulin (TEB)

Wings of the Raven-CSP (TEB)
Keeping It Interesting- Cheryl Dragon (TEB)
Circle of Wolves-Jacqueline Roth (CP)
Wicked Cool- Diane Farr (CP)

Today is Operation Reclaim The House. Suffice it to say, while K and I were gone last week, nothing was done. And I got mad and went on strike. The only thing that accomplished was to make me even madder. So I'm not a nice person to be around at the moment. Come back tomorrow when Ms Cinserae, dark paranormal romance/horror author takes over my blog. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood!

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Kenzie Michaels said...

With this reading schedule, when do you find time to write?