Monday, July 26, 2010

Television Catch-Up

Currently Reading: Finished The White Queen over the weekend and began Candice Bushnell's One Fifth Avenue. One thing I noticed right away; Candice head-hops. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but with all the e-books I've been reading, and trying to follow the 'new rules' in my own work, this surprised me when I noticed it.

E-Book: Still reading Kentucky Woman and Barb's Questing. I decided to go back to where I caught myself skimming a read more thoroughly.

It's been a crazy three weeks around here, but things are starting to 'normalize' again....if there is such a thing! One of the things I've been doing lately is getting up early to watch my shows on DVR.

Warehouse 13: OMG! This show just gets better and better. I was concerned immediately when, in the first episode, the 'evil guy' from last season was killed off, but the twists and plots have kept me intrigued.

Deadliest Catch and After The Catch: Yes, I cried buckets last week, watching the Tribute to Captain Phil, and the finale is tomorrow night. Yesterday, I was able to DVR an 'ATC' I missed earlier, so will watch it, plus 'Best of Season 6' that I think I missed, later this week.

Big Brother: I was astounded when BB announced they would reveal the sabbateur so early...and then I thought, 'Unless he/she is about to be evicted...' and I was right. Rachel and Brenden are about to make me throw up if one or both don't get evicted soon. I can't stand Rachel's laugh or her attitude. If you're going to have a 'showmance', conduct yourselves like adults, rather than seventh-graders with their first crush? I like Hayden and Kristen.

I was also mildly appalled when Monet was voted out. I would have preferred Brittany (if she had been on the block), because earlier, Julie Chen had said she was the spoiled, entitled, brat of the group. We really didn't get to see that in the two weeks she was on. I AM enjoying watching how Matt's mind works; let's see if his plan to back-door Rachel or Brenden works this week. Hopefully, he'll take Rachel out.

Eureka: I LOVE this season's plot twist! Although....last Friday's episode, I figured out early on what triggered the 'rage' of the citizens. And I hope they bring back the banter between Sheriff Carter and his smart house SARAH. I miss that interaction!

Next Food Network Star: Yay...Brianna left last week!!! And I fear my early favorite, Aria, isn't far behind. I like Artie and Brad, and also Serena, if she can conquer her speech issues. She has such a heavy accent and talks as if she's in a word race with The Chipmunks.

Today on the To-Do List:
-Take clothing to donation center
-Drop off disability paperwork
-Call the Area Council on Aging: We received a bill, after being notified three weeks ago we had a credit on the nursing home account. Is this a ploy or is it legitimate? My SIL thinks it's a ploy.

-Hope and pray that whatever the doctor puts my SU on next, it kills his rash/breakouts. Since April, his skin has broken out with an itchy rash. He finished a round of steroids on Saturday, and was unable to sleep last night due to the itching and three new breakouts. We determined he was allergic to his new blood pressure meds, and his cardiologist switched him to a new one. He's refused to take it until the rash goes away, but it's gotten worse. What started as a simple case of athlete's foot has now spread to his shoulders, and is getting angrier with the end of each treatment. Oral meds slow the itch; baking soda baths help. Prednizone slowed the rate of the rash, but it returned with a vengeance. Then we thought maybe it was tied to his stress level.

And what has changed since April? The roof leaked...landlord fixed it at the end of May....another leak is slowly forming over the door...this heat wave....his mother passing....and why haven't I caught it? Instead, our oldest son is suffering a milder form of the rash. So what the hell is going on?

On a lighter note, for a humorous look on How To Write a Novel in 30 Easy Steps, click here. How often does this ring true?


Unknown said...

Oh Molly, things just have to get better soon. hugs

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber:) Dr put him on another medicine and this one seems to be working VERY well! Prayers it continues, and not just until the prescription runs out.