Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Terrific Tuesday with Mia Watts:)

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest release.

Hi, I’m Mia Watts. Is it sad that I have to look at my list of books to figure out which one is my latest release? Geez. I’ve been pushing it a little crazy lately, but let’s see… Reasonable Doubt (TotalEBound) is the newbie, looks like.

RD can stand alone, but I recommend it be read after Bad Boys, Bad Boys (TEB). It finds the Boys in Blue a year after they began their relationship. In the first book, both men were gay-for-you and otherwise straight. OF COURSE I had to throw in an old girlfriend for book two. I mean, how are you gonna know they can stick together through thick *ahem* and thin if you never see them struggle with their past relationships to know this one is different, right?

Geo and Mack are hot and heavy—as Alpha men are—but we get to see inside the workings of their relationship. So far, I have a lot of fantastic reviews on this one. I hadn’t intended to write a book two for these boys, but the fan mail after the first book was unreal. I had to listen to the readers. I’m so glad I did!

Have you incorporated actual events from your own life into your books?

Yes. Although last I checked, I wasn’t a gay man. Or a man at all, actually. LOL. I’d have to say the m/f book Faerily Surprising was pretty close to home. I’m a lot like that heroine, trying to take on everything and not letting people know when I’m falling apart on the inside (that sounds so sensitive and progressive *sniff*).

And to be completely frank, every single one of my heroes (gay or straight) totally turns my crank to overdrive. They are exactly the kind of men I find irresistible (take notes, boys).

Have you ever had an idea for a story which scared you after you began writing it?

Scared, ARHGH, the boogyman? Or scared, WTF did I just take on? Or, scared, OMG this says way too much about my inner-workings-of-head-damagez? Yup to all.

Claimed by Darkness (Ellora’s Cave) and Bad Boys (TEB) freaked me out because they were my first m/m works. TRUST ME it was a new challenge I’d never thought of taking on before. But then Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, and Helen Woodall happened, with a soupcon of Anny Cook thrown in for good measure. They dared me. I’m a sucker for a dare (see the 2k writing challenge I took at Krisngoodbooks(dot)blogspot and you’ll understand).

The OMGiCANTbelieveItookTHISon! happened under another pen name. I won’t get into that, but I also outgrew the fear and I was a newbabygirl writer

Themindofmia book, as I said above, was Faerily Surprising. That was a scary story because I wrote it at a particularly vulnerable time when my relationship with someone was on the downward fritz. I realized how much of myself I had been hiding from him, how much he didn’t know. In my purging effort of self-awareness insanity, I imagined what it would be like if I were with a man who stripped all that away and saw me for who I really am, forced me to acknowledge that he saw it, and loved me anyway. It’s terrifying, heady, sexy as hell, and still makes my insides jell-o with that kind of raw fear.

How much research do you do? Do you research first and then write, or do you write first, then research as needed?

A-freakin’-lot! I write first and research as I go along. You have to be careful though, because you can get lost in research. I spent an entire day, ANENTIREDAY, on scissors. I spent a week on architecture. *headslap* I got way too involved. Sometimes you can over-research and because you did it, you want it in the book. That can get confusing to the reader. I need to know all the pieces, but the reader doesn’t.

For example, right now, I’m doing Ride-Alongs with my local PD. It’s fascinating, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use the recent report and assault charges of a man biting his girl’s booty in a book. I have the research and the info on the follow-up, but the vision of blackened booty is lodged in my mind for an eternity!

Are you a plotter or a pantser? And have you ever had a story take on a life of its own?

Pantser, and yes. It happens all the time. I might THINK I know where a story is going, but sometimes the characters redirect me. Happened with Reasonable Doubt for sure. Hell, it happened with… uh, every book I’ve ever written so far.

How long did it take for you to be published?

Trick question. I mentioned previous pen names. This pen name had zero waiting time. I wrote the book and there was a contract ready to go, but that was because I’d already established myself with a few publishers. My editors already knew my work. They believed in the new name as much as the former ones.

Before that, I wrote a book SLOWLY for four years. When it was done, I was afraid to sub it. That took me another year. Then I subbed it and NY took two years to reject it. I got their rejection two weeks after my first book was accepted by an ePub. I’d sent it to them less than a month earlier. I haven’t looked back since.

If you could go back and tell yourself anything when you first began your writing career, what would you say?

Get over yourself. You see, writing a book for the first few times is like seeing a brand new male OBGYN every time you go for a check up. Hang in here with me for a sec…

Your OBGYN has seen THOUSANDS of vaginas. Going to a new one isn’t the beginning of a “relationship” with the male OBGYN, it’s just a health assessment. He’s seen THOUSANDS, but not yours. Now, it’s not going to faze him one bit to see your pink girlie parts (your manuscript in all its glory), but for you, it could be traumatic (will he like my vi-jay-jay/manuscript?). Especially if he’s hot (ie/a publisher you really want to get into bed with *wink*).

You just gotta get over it. Rip your pants off and say, “Hey publishing world, look at my girlie parts!!! What do you think?” *ahem* Or, um, something…

Laptop or pen and ink? What are your ‘must-haves’ when writing?

Both. I laptop it most of the time, but I have notebooks for when I need a new setting and some space. Sometimes I take myself out to lunch with my notebook and pen. Of course, giggling to myself as I scribble madly tends to garner the occasional odd looks.

….I wonder why that is…..?

Who are your favorite authors? Who would you say influenced you the most?

I have a lot of influencers for a lot of different reasons. Molly, you influenced me because you were my first persistent fan, which is wayyyyy cool. (Awwww....that's sweet of you to say! Molly blushes and smiles) The above authors who made me write m/m are influencers because I never would have stepped out of my comfort zone to try it without them.

Sunny Cole, I met once, and think about all the time… she influenced me because she spoke to me on a deeper level, akin to knitting the broken pieces at a time when I really needed to feel strong. Regina Carlyle, one of the NICEST women on the planet. She genuinely wants to see people succeed and is vocally in favor of YOU.

Julia Rachel Barrett is my recent champion. She’s a momma-bear/sex-kitteny/chewy morsel of yummy goodness with a wit that never ends. I love how she thinks.

Kris Norris is a sweetheart cheerleader who mistakenly thinks I have a sexy voice (at which point I will quietly point out that she thinks ALL Americans have sexy voices)…. There are just so many! It becomes a who’s-who list after a while.

Perhaps the person I am the biggest fan-girl of is Bronwyn Green. I love that woman. She is my soul-sister, best friend, the g-string in my ass of wonder-hood (Yes, I went there), the J in my PJs, the awesome sauce on my apples, the lift to my drooping bosom of life who influences me on a daily basis. She is pretty awesome! I can hardly wait to meet her someday!

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

Probably just about anything I let loose with. I’m fairly open but I keep a lot close to the cuff. I’m not about to spill the beans here. ;)

For Fun:
Favorite Fourth of July tradition?

Don’t have one. Until last year, I have truly hated fireworks.

Mountains or Beach?
Can I have both? A private white-sand beach tucked in the smoky blue peaks of a mountain top get-away, where I’m the only femme in a resort of sexy men who want nothing more than to serv(e/ice) me.

Favorite amusement park ride?

I’m a roller coaster girl. I like rides that flip and drop and zoom, even if they do it backward all over again.

Any Summer Festivals you like to attend?

The Festival of Swimming. If that exists.

If you’re writing a Christmas-themed story, how do you get ‘in the mood’?

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of holiday theme stories. I’ve written them, but I always feel it’s forced. I think I’m answer-less for this one.

Thank you for being here today! Please tell us where we can find your books.

Thank you for having me!!! This was fun, Moll. My books can be found at TotalEBound, ResplendencePublishing, EllorasCave. You can find me on Amazon, AllRomanceEbooks, Fictionwise too.

Reasonable Doubt:

Geo and Mack have faced a lot of problems, but when the problem is within their relationship, will Mack come clean and claim his man, or lose him to an old flame?

Geo Wilson's feelings for his partner Mack Sullivan run deep. But formerly straight Mack grows distant when Geo's old flame, a former female detective gone FBI, comes to town to take over the lead on their case. Geo makes no effort to discourage the woman, and Mack wonders if he missed the break up memo.

Geo's apparent rejection hurts and Mack begins to have reasonable doubts about where they stand.

For Mack, taking the next step is a huge risk and one Geo has never taken before. Geo's friendliness with the former girlfriend could be a sign of changing affection. It wouldn't be the first time Geo has left a broken heart in his wake and Mack's beginning to wonder if he's just become another notch in Geo's belt. All that's left now is the case and as it comes to a close, will Mack and Geo catch the killer only to lose each other?

“No fucking way! No fucking way!” Geo Wilson laughed, holding his arms open as he walked away from Mack.

Mack Sullivan shared his grin, although he figured his version had a touch of curiosity to it. What the fuck was Geo on about? He turned, his eyes following the fluid stride of his lover as he moved towards a woman. Geo’s larger frame partially obscured her. Mack’s gaze stayed on Geo, the Dunne case file in his hands completely forgotten.

“Lauren. Holy shit. What are you doing here?” Geo asked, excitement and pleasure vibrating in his low husky tones. The same sexy tone Geo used on Mack when he was pleased…or about to get pleased.

Lauren? The spiralling red curls crushed on Geo’s shoulder as he hugged her, the long sleek creamy legs beautifully tipped by four-inch heels sent Mack’s stomach into a painful spiral of dread. Lauren Stratton.

Geo held her away, looking down into her upturned face like it held precious jewels. Jealousy left bitter bile in Mack’s throat.

“Look at you. Woman, you look amazing. Obviously being a Fed agrees with you. C’mon.” Geo took her under his arm and headed back towards him. “Mack, look who that cat dragged in.”

“Yay,” Mack replied flatly.

“Sully, you’re as hunky and as outspoken as ever,” she snarked.

He fucking hated it when she called him Sully. She knew it, too.

“What brings you to Maple Grove P.D.?” Geo asked, still oblivious to her subtle slam on his partner.

“That, actually.” She snatched the file out of Mack’s hands. “The little girl was taken after her correspondence with someone on the Internet. That makes it mine.”

“Suspected correspondence. No proof,” Mack said.

“Aw, you still have that sulky pout. That’s a sexy look for you, detective,” she said, lifting a finger to nudge his bottom lip.

Mack swatted her hand away.

“It’s sexy, isn’t it Geo?” she asked.

“Damn sexy,” he agreed, a slow smile pulling his lips into a kissable grin.

Mack nearly smiled with him, but someone might notice and they weren’t out yet as a couple.

Lauren’s gaze sharpened. She looked from one man to the other. Mack looked at the file as though he could read through the manila coloured card stock.

“What?” she asked, suspiciously.

Mack looked up at her, cocked a brow with disinterest. “You’ve got my file. I want it back.”

“No, not that. The other thing,” she said, now turning her attention to Geo.

Geo shook his head as though he didn’t understand her curiosity either.

“The look you just gave Sully. What’s that about? That’s not a typical look, that’s the look you used to give me when you wanted to haul me into the sack.” Her eyes widened, her mouth opened.

Geo discreetly lifted his hand off her shoulder and cupped it over her gaped mouth. “Hush now, baby. What you think you know, no one else does. Keep it to yourself. Got it?”

She nodded. Shock registered in her eyes, and Mack felt his chest swell with pride for his man, smugness at besting Lauren Stratton.

Just as casually as he’d done it, Geo lowered his hand from her face. His expression was warm and companionable. He didn’t seem affected by Lauren’s return. But Mack knew from experience that Geo was good at hiding his true feelings.

What was he feeling now, his arm around his old flame?

Anyone who’d been around the station for the past five years knew about Lauren and Geo. They’d been a hot item until she’d left him for the FBI. No warning. No Dear John letter. Nothing. She’d packed a suitcase and took off the next day. The bitch of it had been that she’d known she’d passed the testing and interviews for the position in the district office. She’d known and she’d still neglected to tell Geo she was leaving him.


Unknown said...

I'm so glad they pushed you to write M/M. I'm a huge fan of Geo. :)

JoanneR said...

These books sound so good! Have never read M/M before, but I will certainly have to give these books a try.

Paris said...

I love M/M and this story sounds fascinating:-)

Bronwyn Green said...

I LOVE Faerily Surprising - one of my fav books ever.

The g-string in your ass...LOLOLOL!!! I love you, too!!!

Anny Cook said...

Hmmmm. M/M??? Not so sure I even had a soupcon of influence there, but it's certainly working for you, isn't it? I'm happy you're spreading your wings!

Mia Watts said...

Anny- You did! You don't remember? You and another unnamed individual dared me to, then encouraged me when I took up the dare...sometime around Kama Sutra Lovers.

Bronwyn- you So are. Lodged way up in there. LOL

Paris- Yay! :) Let me know what you think.

Amber-Thank you! And thank you for all your support.

Joanne-Neither was I. LOL. I did it for the taboo and discovered that I REALLY like men. Not that it's a surprise, but for some reason, this just worked for me.

Molly-Thank you darlin'! Thanks for the interview and your years of encouragement.


Molly Daniels said...

I'm getting to your books; I want to read FU first, followed by your take on Ali Babba:)

Thanks for being here and entertaining everyone while I was away!