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More Frustrations With BWSNBN....

After I read Chs 13 and 14, I was ready to hurl this book under the train which passed by my favorite coffee shop on Sat.  Thank God I was outside on the porch and not inside, lest I offend anyone with the remarks I just could not hold in.  I think at one point I even held it up and made a throwing motion in the direction of said train!   But I managed to control myself.  So settle in kids, and hope my humor/psychoanalyzation/critique of these next two chapters make you laugh.  I'm also over at RB4U today...stop by and say hi!

Welcome to Part 8 of the BWSNBN:)
Ch. 13:
I am furious at her mother, because she's full of excuses why she can't attend her only daughter's college graduation.  Then on the other hand, I see where A gets her codependency.  And why does Mom 'whine' instead of apologizing?  I'd better be on my death bed before I miss an important milestone in any of my children's lives.

Then A goes on to think she's got no say in the 'kinky relationship'  she's contemplating with C.  Ummmm, yeah, you can opt out, or use a damn safe word.  Or quit seeing him.

Pg 208:  I'm sorry, but if I received an email with the definition of submissive, I'd tell him where to go; he obviously thinks I can't use a dictionary.  Although, on the next page, I applaud A for standing up to him in reply...but at the same time, I don't understand how his 1st email makes her think he's willing to discuss issues.

Pg 210:   His 3rd email asks if she thinks she'll ever do as she's told?  Why would a Dom ask that?  If she's too much trouble and 'doesn't 'get' it', then why the hell is he still pursuing her???????

Pg 211:  They're arguing via email over her car.  She wants to drive, since 'I may have to make a quick getaway'.  On what PLANET is she living on?  I can see this for a 1st date, but NOW???  1) He's not going to hold her hostage or force her at gunpoint and 2) this is their FOURTH encounter!!  If by now she still needs a 'means of escape', isn't that a RED FLAG that maybe this isn't a good idea??

Pg 214:  Makeup intimidates her.  Did she never have a close girlfriend, or even go to the mall and experiment with makeup?  I remember going into Merle Norman and getting the free facial and makeup tips...or playing with my grandmother's makeup.  Reading teen magazines for hints.  And she's been living with K for 4 years at least....has she never asked her for help?  Or K never offered to do her makeup?  She cares enough to lend A clothes!  And this is another gag issue....A spends most of her time in tennis shoes.  So why no issues when she puts on stillettos?  Are you KIDDING me?  The first time I tried heels that high, I lasted maybe 5 steps.  But A is a natural....just like the bath incident...  And why does K 'smirk' when assessing her friend in the outfit?

A mentally 'girds her loins'.  Who the hell thinks like this?  Oh yeah...she must have finished reading a Regency or Historical...

And would a Dom really blink when he sees her?  Or seem nervous, on pg 215?  Why does she then ask him if he's 'smirking' at her?  I'd have used 'making fun of me'....but hey, I didn't write this.

She's had a bit of memory lapse on pg 216 when her knees shake 'how far will he take me???'  Does she not remember Ch 7?  Oh wait....this must be the same thing which causes her appetite to disappear on a whim.  Nerves.  Mind goes blank.

Pg 218:  She's tired of making decisions?  What is she, a trained dog?  And if she's suddenly lost her courage, why doesn't she get up and leave?  Or ask 'why do we have to talk about this now?'  She's amazed at the level of his 'control freakism'; but really, it's just plain common sense....and he does restate she's free to walk away any time.

Pg. 219:  She's thinking losing him is more painful than the 'discipline'?  And the whole oyster bit....since I suffered an entire three weeks, watching my mother eat oysters on the half shell, this grossed me out.  I don't have a problem with anyone eating Oysters Rockefeller, but I do object to eating something which resembles the residue I leave on a kleenex during cold and flu season.  Ugh.  And why does she ASK him if he chose them because of their 'aphrodisiac qualities'?  Do you not SEE what they look like?  (sorry; I have to go dry-heave....)

Pg 220:  If she's feeling railroaded, then why does she not walk away?????  Suggest a 6 week-2 month compromise, you idiot!!!  Or did that 'compromise' definition fall out of your short-term memory??

Pg 221:  WHY DOES HE WHISPER??????  Then look relieved when she says she trusts him? It was at this moment I chose to fake-hurl the book away from me....I'd still do it, but no trains are in sight, and I don't have a garbage disposal.  I do have a shredder, lol.....

Pg 222:  She thinks no one will dictate how she eats, but she doesn't have an issue with being told how to fuck?  I have a REAL problem here....

And finally, yes, I think you were traumatized, C, even though you deny it...'Mrs. R wouldn't take any of it from me.'  Yeah, not as her sub, no!  Then A thinks, 'But I have to.''re the SUB, should you choose to accept that role...which you obviously do.  I'm only halfway through book #1 of the trilogy....

Pg. 223:  Good lord....he's mentally kept track of everything she's eaten?  And why does he snort when she mentions dessert?  (Must be the oysters???  Coming back to haunt him???  LOL!)

Pp 224-225:  I slammed the book shut, threw it on the table, then tried to fake-hurl it away; there is an 'AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH' written at the bottom of 24 and an 'IS SHE STUPID' at the top of 25!  Even now, I want to throw this book across the room!  

1)  He's not psychic; you're just on the same damn wavelength!!
2)  He 'felt the tablecloth move' when she 'pressed her thighs together'....oh yeah, anyone would guess that....
3)  She thinks he's the only one who understands the rules.  Was she not paying attention??  He clearly spelled them out!  And if you're going to compare yourself to your favorite heroines, don't pick the one who 'succumbed'!

And here's where his food inconsistency is:  She states she wants to finish her food; he scoffs at the notion she would eat it cold, then announces his 'need' is overriding his dislike of seeing food go to waste.  But I absolutely LOVE the teasing which follows!  She's rethinking this through, and decides to leave.  I'm cheering, though I know it won't last.  On pg 226, she's found her backbone!

But she ruins it on pg 227 when she thinks this could be the last time she'll ever kiss him.

Anyone ever heard that Meatloaf long, If This is The Last Kiss?

"If this is the last kiss, let's make it last all night
If this is the last time I'm ever, ever gonna hold you
Let me hold you tight till the morning light
If this is the last time, ooh we'll ever be together
Kiss me and baby give me something
Tender to remember you by."

Pg 228:  Again, would a Dom sound 'hesitant'?  And why does he care about her damn car?  It got her there, didn't it?

Pg 229:  Does she pull over and cry, or does she miraculously manage to drive while sobbing?  Her introspection is honest, but I keep yelling at her to GROW UP!  THERE ARE OTHER MEN OUT THERE!!!!  (sorry for the shouting; I'll try to maintain my composure...)

And at the end of Ch 13, I want to yell at her to run away!!!!

Ch 14:  Okay, she's having a dream.  But I still clutch my crotch when I read hurts me to read it!!  (TMI moment?  Sorry!)  And she didn't know a person could dream sex?  Has she never heard of a wet dream?

Pg 233:  I want to slap her silly....C's idea of a relationship is more like a job offer?  She thinks to her dream and wonders if that's what it would be like....and her inner slut goddess jumps for joy.

And why is greeting her stepfather with a hug 'an uncharacteristic show of affection'?  I still hug people.

Why does stepfather frown at her outfit?  Or is he frowning because he wants to know where K is?

Pg. 234:  I'm confused about the graduation scene:  All the college graduations I've been to, the graduates enter during Pomp and Circumstance.  So why is she in her seat?

Pg 235:  She's jealous of other girls' scrutiny of C!!!  Whoo hoo!  And how does she know a 'slow flush is spreading across (her) face'?  Or even what C is staring at from the podium?

Pg 236:  Codependency is showing again; he's not looking at her, so she assumes he's mad at her?  Maybe he's thinking about his speech, dummy!!  And then she's astounded when he approaches the podium...did she forget WHY he's there?????

Pg 237: suddenly dawns on her why he gets upset if food is wasted....

Pg. 238:  Why does C hand out the degrees?  Usually Dean of Students has that honor, or President.  And her inner goddess is an idiot.

Pg 239:  She mentions J services the car and C is displeased.  Why is SHE the one embarrassed?

Pg 240:  I don't understand her turmoil about introducing C to her stepdad.

Pg 241:  Why does she feel dorky in cap and gown?  And who the hell cares if C won't like the wine?

Pg 242:  Why is stepdad murmering during introductions?  And why does C turn sophomoric all of a sudden?  Is HE jealous or something?

Pg 243:  I don't understand why A has suddenly lost the power of speech....

Pg 244:  I'd be angry, not embarrassed....

Pg 245:  Why does she agree to his terms?  IDIOT!!!  Or has he simply worn her down?  Kudos to her back out....RUN....before it's too late!  Which again, she doesn't listen to her subconscious...only her inner slut goddess....

More emails follow, and I want to throw up, pitch the book into the nearest trash can, or find that train.  But no, someone else would find it, and MY subconscious would be wondering 'what happens next'.  So sigh....I keep reading.....bleh.


Unknown said...

You keep reading and I keep coming back for more punishment! ;)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL...we have a good system:)

Anonymous said...

You're incredibly brave for digging through this. My head thanks you for saving it from countless migraines.