Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend and End-Of-The-Month Recap

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Danger on XY-One by Vicky Burkholder!  Definite Recommended Read!!!  I also want to read the others in this series; according to the prologue and glossary, there are others.  I plan to ask Vicky about this.  I'm now on Ch 5 of Sandra Sookoo's Operation Wedding Crash which will now count toward October's reading list, since today's the last day of Sept.

Spent a relaxing weekend reading:)  Friday night, I went to the art gallery and was very happy to make the acquaintance of Lois Schlachter, who happily answered my questions about her artwork and was thrilled to learn I featured an artist who paints in a similar fashion in my latest wip:)  I was thrilled I hadn't inadvertently used any specific paintings I'd seen three weeks ago!

Saturday, I finished reading Danger on XY-One and loved it!!!  Began reading Operation Wedding Crash, then attended a FB chat after dinner.  A friend of mine is published through Crimson Frost Books and invited me to their getting-to-know-the-author chat.

Then I was off to Karaoke:)  And since today is KJ Mark's 63rd birthday, I made a list of 8 songs and told him to pick my out my line up.  So here's the songs and how I think I did:)

-What's Up (4 Non Blondes):  Nailed this one, and received applause:)

-Close My Eyes Forever (Ozzy/Lita Ford):  A guy asked to join in, and he ended up singing both parts.  I tried to sneak a quick sip of water and missed a cue when the water tried to go down the wrong pipe.  Recovered for the next line!

-Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi):  Rocked it:)  Kelly hi-fived me:)

-You and I (Lady Gaga):  Did well until the bridge. Tried to be cute and ended up blowing the 1st two lines.  But otherwise, it was okay, and people applauded....more that I was finished maybe?  ROFL!

-Does He  Love You (Reba/Linda Davis):  One of Kelly's friends asked me to duet with her; I was 'Reba' and while she drowned me out a little, we harmonized WELL!  We got cheers and lots of applause.

Sunday, we ate at D2K (Dragon 2000) for lunch after church.  Then since it was a steady rain all day, and the youngling took control of my computer, I chatted off an on over at RB4U about 'What you should NEVER say to a romance author'.  I commented I'd been prayed over and that woman last year who lingered over my display but stated 'I don't read that trash, but my sister does.'  I wanted to ask her why she was wasting her time looking at my cover flats!

I've still never had anyone ask me when I was going to write a 'real' book, thankfully!

EOTM Recap:
Books Read:  23, with 2 DNF.
            Print:  4
            E-book:  19

Karaoke Update:
Only added two more 'D' titles to my 'Good' list, and so far the 'E' titles have NOT been kind to me.

Walking Progress/Health Update:
Right now, I'm averaging 90 minutes of walking time a week.  I walk 60 minutes every Sat (30 mins to 'roke and 30 minutes back) and 30 minutes to choir on Wed (15 there, 15 back).  My health insurance kicks in either on the 1st or the 15th next month, so will finally get that sleep study scheduled.  I've also joined My Fitness and am keeping track of my caloric intake.  So far, I've lost 6 pounds in three weeks:)

Writing Update:
Haven't worked on the wip I began last month, but another one has taken a hold of the brain and I'm on Ch. 2 already.

Tomorrow I'll post the new Reading Schedule:)

Happy 63rd Birthday KJ Mark!

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