Friday, July 14, 2017

Flashback Friday: Rosie The Rivetor!

July 1987:
After discovering I was not suited for any job involving plastic and conveyor belts, I was sent to Wabash National.  My job was simple:  insert rivets into the metal sides of what would become a semi-trailer.  I actually enjoyed this job.  I could keep up with the guys loading the metal onto the side table; I enjoyed applying the tape to the metal shims; and I didn't mind pushing a broom around, sweeping up sawdust and metal shavings. Only a handful of women worked there, which suited me; I enjoyed working with the guys and joking around with them.  After a week, a new girl joined our crew and while she and I got along well, it was soon apparent that our foreman favored me.  Jeff had graduated from a rival HS, and the day we both showed up with our senior shirts on, the others joked about the 'war'.  I just smiled and stated that everyone knew who had graduated from the 'better school', ha ha!  Toward the end of the month, the guys began pressing me to go out with them after work, but I was always greasy and tired, so declined the offer.  However, one night turned out to be a cleaner night, so I went, and proved to be good at darts.

Bill, one of the guys who joked around with me the most, asked me out, and one night after work, we went to a local nightclub and danced, then arranged to see each other on the weekend.

Bad Judgment
I spent the weekend with one of my former roommates, and when we arrived at the bar, two men soon joined us, uncle and nephew.  BJ had pressed me to try a Fuzzy Naval, but when I realized it had orange juice, I gave mine to her.  We both thought the nephew was cute, and when expressed a desire to change his shirt, we all went back to the room with him.  His uncle decided to inform me of his marital status, and showed me pics of his wife and kids.  I didn't find him particularly attractive anyway, and was especially dismissive of him after I found out he was married!

"Why did you come back here, then?"

I pointed at the bathroom door, where D and BJ had gone.  "To keep her out of trouble."  He got mad and huffed out of the room.

Later, when D and BJ emerged, the three of us went for a drive, and, not knowing what had transpired in the bathroom, I was thrilled with D began paying attention to me.  While making out with him in the back of BJ's car, I discovered she'd driven through the drive-through at McD's to pass the time while we were busy!

After dropping D back at the bar, BJ and I returned to her house, where she told me what had gone on in the bathroom!

New Cousin!!!
My aunt gave birth to my new cousin, Billy:)  I could hardly wait to see him!

Next Month:  I'm On The Receiving End of Jealousy.

Present Day:
I'm off to Chicago with my mom today!  We'll be spending the night, then she has to be at O'Hare by 5am, to catch her plane to Vancouver, then after an hour layover, catch the plane to Whitehorse:)  My job is to make sure she makes that early flight, lol!  Then I catch the bus shuttle back to Lafayette.

The Next Person Eliminated is......
Cody!!!  But wait, there's another I knew would possibly happen.  Cody, Jillian, Cam, and whomever is voted out next week all get to compete for the chance to return!  Personally, I'd like to see Cam return.....unless one of my other faves gets eliminated next week.

We'll have to wait until Sun to find out who won the HOH competition,.

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