Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cody's Back! #BB19

Yes, I missed two episodes due to singing karaoke and another trip to Chicago.  Tried to use a friend's Xfinity account, but wouldn't you know it.....BB is only available 'in house'.  Bleh.  So I watched tonight having NO clue what transpired last week.

Friendly Game Of Pool???
WTH is up with Josh? Is he trying to get himself evicted?  Yeah, Mark didn't act very adult either.

'My Boyfriend's Back...."
Jess is happy she has her man back in the house, and to his credit, Cody seems to have learned his lesson from the Week 1 Fiasco.

Admittedly, I was hoping Cam would return, but hey, then I wouldn't have anything to gripe about, right?  LOL!  Still, I was happy he advanced to the 2nd round.

Wrong Strategy, Kids....
Everyone should have focused their punishments on Jess.  I was thrilled when Jason seemed to understand this concept....but still, she ended up the winner and seems to have anther target in mind.  She ALSO took the Halting Hex temptation, meaning she can stop anyone from getting evicted in the next 4 weeks.  So this should be interesting, and it means both she and Cody are safe.  Paul, however, is not, though a possible alliance has sprung up between P and C.  Jess, however, wants P out.

Josh and Ramses
These two are  up on the block, and I'm hoping noms will stay the same.  Jess realizes they don't have the votes to get P out, and frankly, I'm tired of his whiny attitude.

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