Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Plot Thickens! #BB19

Brief Recap:
Cody reenters the game; Jess wins HOH.  She puts up Ramses and Josh.  Josh is her target, due to childish attempts to distract she and Cody during the competition.  Also, there was a yelling match between Josh and Cody previously, as well as a Josh/Mark altercation over pool.

Before the POV competition, Jess is hell-bent on getting Josh out.  She does the eye-roll thing at Paul's 'advice' or, as he calls it, 'coaching'.

POV Comp:
Christmas goes out in the first round.
Ramses, Josh, and Jason blow up in the 2nd round.
Cody takes one for the team, and Jess wins HOH.
She's going to keep the noms the same, so Josh will go bye-bye.

Paul's Plan:
He thinks he can rally everyone to thwart Jess's plans.  Right now, everyone, except Cody and Kevin are on board to vote out Ramses, in order to keep Josh in the house, and on their side, since R is on the Jess/Cody/Kevin team.

Raven nearly blows it by acting dumb; Jess talks to Cody and spells out EXACTLY what Paul 'could possibly do' and how she 'doesn't want to look back and second-guess herself'.  Cody advises her to do nothing.  The armchair HOH's are both cheering and groaning, knowing she's on target with the other side, but undecided and taking advice from her CLUELESS boyfriend.

Thankfully, she follows C's numbskull advice, and keeps the noms the same.

Now, the question remains:  Will Paul and Co pull it off?  Will Ramses and Jess get wind of said-plan?  Will Josh cry (again)?

Stay tuned....

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