Sunday, July 9, 2017

Paul's House:) #BB19

*cue dance music*

Oh yeah....oh yeah....Paul won HOH!  Cody is being an absolute a$$ about it, and so is Jess. When Paul's room was ready, she refused to visit it.

P nominated two pawns, Alex and Josh.  Ramses used his curse nomination to put himself up as well.  Let's hope P convinces him to throw the competition so either of the others can pull themselves off and put up Cody!

Watching the fight for power was humorous.  Jess and Alex were trying vainly to win HOH; Kevin came close a few times.  The rest were feeding their tickets to Paul, who after numerous tries, finally accomplished his goal.  Cody was furious!

In the Den of Temptation, Christmas was chosen to be tempted by the Ring of Replacement, in which she can switch places with someone in a challenge.  In return, she cursed Jason, Cody, and Jess with
'veto curses', which remains to be explained.

Looking forward to Wednesday night!

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