Monday, July 3, 2017

Megan's Meltdown #BB19


You know BB19 is off to an explosive start if I'm blogging about it on Episode 3!

The players moved in; Kevin grabbed the $25K which meant Paul (BB18) was moving back in.  This later revealed he was taking someone else's place, determined by an endurance competition.  Three were put up for eviction, and chose to leave the vote in their housemate's hands.  Cam (microbiologist?) was evicted.  Josh (Cuban Guy) unloaded on Megan (Miss Purple Hair and Fmr FBI agent).

Day #2):  Cody (Mr. Unlikable imho) won HOH and nominated Megan and Jillian (Miss Las Vegas) for eviction.

Did Megan Just Seal Her Fate???
While out in the yard, Jessica (Miss Big Boobs) refers to Alex (Miss Half-Pint Dynamo) as 'Pao-Pao', referring to Paola from a previous season, since both are Asian and tiny.  Megan thought she heard Jess say 'Panda', and took it upon herself to tell Alex that J was making 'racist remarks'.  Alex confronted Jess, who hotly denied it, and Alex, not knowing the whole story, unloaded on Megan, getting the whole house behind her.

Megan, confused and upset by yet another housemate's accusations, took refuge in the diary room.  Three hours later, Cody called a house meeting and informed everyone that due to a personal and unexpected turn of events, Megan had to leave the game.

I don't know if she pulled herself from the game, or if the producers feared for her sanity.  All I can say is, did she forget everything about her FBI life?  She made zero headway with Cody (but in her defense, not even PAUL could find common ground with him!), was on the receiving end of a rant from delusional Josh, and now reported a misunderstood nickname.  I liked her; I thought her FBI skills would take her far.  I really hope she regroups and is able to return at a later date, or even compete again.

In the meantime, Cody was struggling with his alliance, who all wanted Alex to go up as a replacement.  He respects her competitiveness, and was trying not to put her up.  But she basically told him if she wins the next HOH, then she was gunning for his group.  So, he went ahead and put her up, saying he looks forward to competing against her in the POV competition.  The ONLY hiccup to her potentially pulling herself off is, I think Cody wants to back door Paul, but now Paul has been awarded Protection for the next three weeks.  We still don't know who Paul unknowingly 'cursed', but IF this becomes public knowledge, there goes any 'friendship' for at least half the house.


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