Monday, July 17, 2017

The Return of Christmas and Queen Alex:) #BB19

I am so thrilled Alex is HOH this week!

I've decided I really don't like Elena.

OMG..Christmas is back, and will be on crutches for nearly the entire summer?  Plus there's a chance she'll never regain full use/mobility in that foot again?  Ten fall didn't look that bad!  My question is, should she have returned to the game?  I know there is a chance she could win HOH, but how will she get upstairs?  Is this why the Den of Temptation is over this week?  I thought it would end when all the house guests have been tempted.  How can she expect to compete in challenges?  I'm surprised her doctor/surgeon didn't pull her from the game for medical reasons.

Jessica and Dominique are up for eviction this week:)  Jess is the main target, but Dom's 'talk show' has raised some red flags in Paul's mind.  I really need to get back home to see last Thursday's show; I wasn't paying that close attention while I made copies of recipes for my mom.

Stay tuned.....

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