Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Operation Get Cody Out?? #BB19

Den of Temptation:
Cody, Jess, and Jason were turned into VeToads, and have to hop everywhere and sleep on lily pads.  Cody claims he's not bothered by the froggy costume, but he looks furious.

Ramses Conflicted?
On one hand, he doesn't want to be on the block.  On the other, he knows everyone wants Cody gone, and in order for that to happen, R has to throw the veto competition.

Paul:  Not paying attention caused him to get delay after delay...after delay....but was successful on #4 and 5

Alex, Elena, Josh, and Matt all had to take delays on all 5 terminals.

Ramses:  #1:  Delay.  #2:  Delay.  #3:  Delay.  #4:  Got it:)  #5:  Delay.

P:  4:37 WINNER!!!!
A:  16:38
E: 22:35
J:  7:48
R: 7:44
M:  11:32

Veto Meeting:
Josh went off on Cody and Jess.  Cody retaliated by calling J a baby and a victim.  Paul used the veto on Josh, and told Cody to hop to the block.  Checkmate.

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