Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dominique Vs Paul #BB19

A very exciting Power of Veto game was played last night.  Contestants had to cross a shaky teeter-totter type bridge fifty times.  Christmas was not allowed to compete; Kevin had balance issues and finally decided to claim the monetary prize ($27!); Dominique had bouts where she kept her balance, but ultimately fell at a crucial moment, sending her score back to zero.  Jess also struggled, but was never in serious contention.  Alex and Jason, however, battled for the lead, with Jason claiming it about ten or so seconds ahead of Alex.  Now he had a MAJOR decision to make.

At first, his mind was made up.  He was going to pull Jess down.  But, who to put up in her place?  Alex wanted to put up Mark, to ensure he wouldn't vote for Dom.  But Mark was adamant about not being put up.  Jason wanted to put up Raven, to really stack the votes against Dom, but Alex was adamant.  Mark, or keep the noms the same.  So with a heavy heart, Jason refused to use his POV.

Paul The Snake?
Paul needs to watch his back; Dom is wise to the game he's playing, only she's calling him a snake instead of 'Puppet Master'.  I love Paul and would love to see him win, but at the same time, Dom is laying the groundwork for all the pieces to fall into place after she's gone.  I like P and Alex's 'secret alliance', but will she wise up to the fact he's actually playing her?  We've seen in past seasons where an early power alliance has fallen apart by the 5th or 6th week.

We'll see how the next HOH competition goes.

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