Thursday, July 6, 2017

Looking Forward To Tonight!! #BB19

The excitement continues.....
Brief Recap:
Sunday night, Cody nominated Alex as a replacement for Megan, and the Den of Temptation was opened.  Paul was awarded the Pendant of Protection, meaning he was safe for the next three weeks, and this becoming knowledge IF he was put up for eviction.

Wed Night:
Cody infuriated everyone by not revealing his plans OR why he chose not to keep building his starfish tower with two minutes left in the POV challenge.  Raven had chosen the Golden Starfish, ensuring her taste buds never having to endure being a 'Have Not' for the summer (eating slop, taking cold showers, sleeping on a spiked bed); Matt (Silver Fox) had locked in at 10 starfish; Jason (Rodeo Clown) clocked in at 14.  Jillian couldn't get her fish to behave; Cody looked over and saw Alex had a solid pile, so he decided to let his water clock expire and let her have the win, since he didn't want to boot her out in the 1st place!  Alex won with 16 starfish piled.  Now panic set in.

Paul, knowing he was safe, tried to feel out Cody's intentions, but hit a brick wall.  The rest of Cody's alliance kept trying to figure out his plan, but he didn't want anyone tipping off whom he planned to put up.  In the meantime, I'm sitting on the couch, eagerly awaiting the moment when C's plans blow up in his face, b/c I THINK he planned to back door Paul, having no knowledge of the POP!

Jessica grilled C mercilessly, but kept getting nowhere.  C tried to strike a deal with Jason, but had some rather strange terms:  He wouldn't put up J IF J agreed to keep Jess, Raven, Matt, Elena, Dominique, or Mark up. "Note, I didn't include Paul or Christmas in that statement."

HUH?????  Okay, now we know Christmas is also on your radar!  And you didn't include yourself???  Even Jason was confused.

At the POV meeting, Alex removed herself.  Cody stood up and nominated Paul.  Instantly, the video screen lit up with DOT emblem, causing Paul to reveal he'd been awarded the Pendant of Protection (POP).  Cody was furious and was trying to contain himself.  So he told Christmas that by the power of elimination, she was it.  Now Christmas was furious, and so was the rest of the Showmance Couples ('Jody'-Jess/Cody, Marlena'-Mark/Elena, and 'Maven'-Matt/Raven), because IF Cody had told one or more of his plans, they would have tried to talk him out of it (talk some sense into him???).  Essentially, Cody's plan erupted in his face.  It was beautiful!

What Will Happen Tonight???
I really hope Jillian goes home.  I like Christmas, and we haven't really seen her in competitions yet.  I'd like to see how far she goes.  I'd also like to pick her brain about being a NASCAR pit crew member (the 1st female one, mind you.....sound familiar??)

Check back tomorrow, should something equally explosive happen!

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