Friday, July 7, 2017

Flashback Friday and BB19 Week 1 Wrap Up

July 1977:
We spent the 4th of July at our new friends the Hoffers, and I quickly discovered a love of Ping-Pong, due to the table they had in their basement.  My sister and I might have even witnessed a fight between the twins S and D, which resulted in one of them (age 9) being spanked.  Can't remember which one, since I wasn't able to tell them apart yet.  Grandma and Grandpa Grauel moved to St. Pete Beach, Fla, and had a nice, one bedroom apt at 504 Suncoast Apts, right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico.  The San Sea Air condos were directly in front, and the Don Cesar (pink castle-looking resort) was down the street.

Next Month:  Mom's Birthday and starting 6th grade:)

Present Day:
Cody was LIVID last night!
Everyone in his alliance was furious at him, and tried to rally Paul to their side; for once, no lies were told.  After a while, tempers cooled, and Paul tried to rally everyone to his side, in order to keep Christmas safe.  Only a few wavered back and forth, but in the end, Cody's betrayal was too much, and Jillian was sent packing (8-4-yay!!!).

Christmas nearly ruined her own game, since her morning dance session with Jason ended in a fall.  She thought she'd broken her foot, but it turned out to be just ligaments torn.  So she's on crutches and a brace for the next several weeks.  It will be interesting to see how well she does in challenges.

So Who's HOH?
We don't know yet.  I don't subscribe to the live feeds, nor do I watch After Dark, so I'll have to find out on Sunday with the rest of America.  I really hope Cody is put up for elimination.  Mr. Personality he is NOT!

Forgot To Mention:
When Paul accepted the POP, he had to 'curse' someone.  He didn't know which number he picked, so no one, not even the audience knew who it was.  Ramses drew the unlucky number and now has to find a way to put himself on the block as a 3rd nominee sometime in the next three weeks.

I'm also off to WheatFest tonight and tomorrow:)  Then on Sunday, it's off to Lafayette, to help my mom finish packing and put her on a plane for Whitehorse, Yukon.  Then two glorious weeks of house-sitting, plus a class reunion.

Have a great weekend!

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