Saturday, July 29, 2017

Power Shifts One Again! #BB19

Brief Recap:
Jess won the POV and after some initial hesitation, decided to keep the nominations the same.

Kevin Is A Rat
Why, oh why hasn't this guy been on anyone's radar?
-Grabs the 1st temptation which unleashed Paul back into the house (good move!)
-Votes with Cody and Jess in the last three evictions (thankfully was on the wrong side!)
-TELLS Jess about the plot to evict Ramses (thankfully, her scrambling didn't work!)

Yeah, I get it; the guy's good about covering his tracks.  But sooner or later, he will be forced to reveal his true alliance.

And The Emmy Goes To....
Josh, for the 1st class acting.  He had Jess's side convinced he knew he was leaving.  Kudos to the kid's blind faith in Paul, but how much longer will it last?  When will he realize he's just a pawn, and unless he changes his game play, he's the low man on the Paul-Alex-Jason-Matt-Raven totem pole?

Sorry Ramses!
Even the late-night scrambling couldn't shake Paul's Posse.  He left with a vote of 7-3.  Kevin, Cody, and Mark (I think??) all voted Josh.

And the New HOH is.....
Final match came down to Paul, Matt, and Raven.  I don't know if 'Maven' deliberately answered wrong, but Paul is now in charge.  There's one hiccup, though.

Jess has the Halting Hex, which means she can stop an eviction in its tracks.  So beware; if P tries to evict either of the 'Jody' pair, she can thwart it.  Good news is, if this happens this week, they are fair game for next week, provided one of the Posse wins.

The other pending thing is, the Temptation Contest.  No one knows what this will be like, and might potentially spoil Paul's game.

Stay tuned til tomorrow.....

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Also, Happy 51st Birthday to friend BJC!

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