Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Female Bonding

Currently Reading: Good Little Wives, by Abby Drake. What if... was interesting. You get to choose the outcome of the story, and see if you're making wise decisions! I hope B liked it as much as I did...

E-Book: Cherished Destinies. I still haven't started it...maybe in a few minutes. I just woke up from a sudafed-induced nap, so if I feel up to it, maybe I'll indulge.

My daughter and I swapped hair color last night.

I suggested that we simply swap scalps, but she protested, "But that would give me gray hair!"

I don't see a problem...

But since that wasn't an option, I signed the release and her wonderful, butter-yellow hair (the color I once had myself 16 years ago, before kids!) has been dyed a wonderful reddish brown.

Me? I got highlights, and am now back to a somewhat respectable blonde. Hubby hates it. I like it, and that's all that matters.

But three hours in the beauty parlor gave me an opportunity I've not had for a while. I was able to laugh and joke with my moody teenager.

She laughed and said I looked like Einstein when the hair had been pulled through the cap. I looked at her head being painted with a paintbrush and said she looked like she'd been dipped headfirst in chocolate.

Then when it was my turn to be painted purple, we joked about the alien toy in 'Small Soldiers', who I was now resembling. We cracked up both our stylists with our good-natured ribbing.

And being the good daughter she is, she brought up the booksigning while I was getting combed out. So I have two potential new readers, and they may even show up at the local signing on April 5th. And yes, I actually had my business cards in my back pocket!

When it was her turn to be combed out, I sighed. That beautiful blonde hair was replaced by the color of her best friend's hair...proof that teenagers want to be individuals, but they all look alike!

At least I should be happy my daughter doesn't want to follow the fashion trends; only the hair ones!

And hubby? It took only one statement as to why I approved this: "You let our oldest son get a mohawk two years in a row...be thankful she doesn't want to shave HER head!"

Point taken. I only hope he doesn't complain when she has to return periodically for touch-ups!


Anny Cook said...

My granddaughter proudly announced that she had her unibrow waxed. Sigh. I don't remember worrying about these things.

Enjoy the book!

Unknown said...

Your husband should be bloody grateful he has you regardless of hair colour

Phoenix said...

I died mine two shades of purple. His response? "You're finally rooting for my football team" (Minnesota Vikings). He was most pleased.

Molly Daniels said...

He's getting used to it:) Now he's only complaining about the cost.

JacquƩline Roth said...

Don't feel bad, I got a frown when I finally stopped lightening my hair and had it returned to my natural color. (Something that walks the line between dark blonde and light brown) The comment was something like, "I married a blonde."

My response was, "I married a 26 year old."