Thursday, February 21, 2008


Currently reading: Just finished Phil Donahue's autobiography (1980) and am starting Nicholas and Alexandra, a thick, 613-page book of which the last 100 are footnotes. The actual book part is 532.

E-Book: Am on chapter 6 of Cherished Destinies and have chomping at the bit to get back to it!

Not to panic; it was an allergic reaction to something in the basement. Tuesday night, his hands were itching uncontrollably and starting to swell. He lotioned them and went to bed, only to wake up with the itching spread to his feet and legs. Found some anti-itch medicine and slathered him with it. Kept him home from school for an hour, to try to get him in to see the doctor, but our new doctor doesn't have office hours on Wednesday just like our Indy doctor. K said the itching was under control, so he went to school.

He came home, went to the basement and played PS2 and watched a show he had DVR'd. Came up at 5:30, complaining that the itch was back, and now a rash was all over his hands and face. Further quizzing showed that his younger brother had taken upon himself to Febreeze everything in the basement.

So I went digging through the medicine cabinet and called my nurse-mother. Hubby went to the store for some hydrocortizone; I had the child take 2 Benadryl capsules. After smearing the h-cream all over the itchy rash, he took a short nap, inhaled his dinner, and was fine the rest of the evening.

Daughter went downstairs and vacuumed the furniture, floor, and discovered her older brother had been wrapped in the sleeping bag and curled around a pillow. Today, my job has been to wash said sleeping bag and pillow.

K has been tolerant of some good-natured ribbing about anything his new girlfriend wears. In short, he's not allergic to her; not allergic to holding her hand, and has not, to the amusement of a hearing-impaired grandmother, been holding her 'stretch bra' (he said stress ball)! I laughed and said if that's what he'd been holding, then the rash serves him right, ha ha! I then informed my mother that if he had said what she thought she heard, I would not have been so calm and matter-of-fact!

So that's where we stand currently. He has an appointment today at 12:30, and will meet one of us at the doctor's office. I'll post the final dignosis later today.

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes, everyone! And for the record, I'm feeling a whole lot better than I have the past week!

Update: The dr is putting him an a 12-day steroid pack. If it continues, then we go see him again. But hopefully this will fix the problem!


Unknown said...

'stretch-bra' - funny

barbara huffert said...

Uncontrollable itching...not good. Sure hope the steroids work.

Bronwyn Green said...

Uncontrolled itching and swelling is evil...I get that from certain food additives. Ugh. Hope the steroids work - and quickly!

anny cook said...

Stretch bra is good. Heh. Sounds like something my house hunk would hear.

Glad you're enjoying the book.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope the meds do the trick!

Unknown said...

I hope he feels better, soon. That sucks.

Molly Daniels said...

So far, so good:) He says to tell y'all 'thanks'.

Phoenix said...

Go steroids. "Kids do not use this at home."

Moll had a dream about you last night. You kept trying to hover over people so you could braid their hair. Whatsup with that??

Brynn Paulin said...

Hope he's 100% soon. Allergic reactions suck!

Molly Daniels said...

I'm an angel who likes to French-braid???

Don't have a clue.

Maybe its just the mom in me trying to come out...