Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waxing Nostalgia...

Update: Marvella: Ch. 10. Nixon's just been elected. Best Friends: P 97. One girl's a lawyer; the other is in her final year as a med student.

Found out David Cassidy will be on Oprah next Tuesday!! Tonight: Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice:)

Before I begin, I have a small quiz. Don't worry; there are no right or wrong answers. I just want to see if I'm unique...

1) If your microwave quits working, do you
a) Toss it and buy a new one
b) Have someone fix it

2) The dryer drum belts break. You
a) Buy a new dryer
b) Have someone fix it

3) The back door is torn off its hinges during a storm. You
a) Buy a new door
b) Buy new hinges and have someone rehang the door

See how painless that was? Leave your answers in the comments section or email me privately at and I'll expand on this tomorrow.

Now for the nostalgia...

Heard Andy Gibb's song "I just Wanna be Your Everything" and it magically transported me back to my 6th and 7th grade years...6th, because I believe that was the year the song was popular, and for the first time, our elementary school's Spring Frolic (aka carnival) had a dance in one of my classrooms. My sister and I thought we were hot stuff, wearing identical pantsuits (hers maroon, mine green) with white turtlenecks and saddle shoes. We danced to the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, Donna Summer, Blondie, and other disco artists. And in the 7th grade, I watched in awe of the Select Choir singing Andy's song and four or five 'select' couples doing choreography. I couldn't wait to be a part of that choir!

But alas...disco was dead the next year. There went my hopes of nightclubs, being 18, and being pursued by various men. No, I now had to wait until age 21. And while I felt confident enough to try out for the top choir in jr. high, one of the requirements of staying in it was holding a 'B' average. My 9th grade biology grade kept me at the top of the 'Alternate' list. I never did join that choir...

And switched into band the following year.

I own the 'Shadow Dancing' LP, and have my sister's 'Saturday Night Fever' record on cassette tape. I love my Donna Summer CD. And right now, with hubby home, the only time I get to listen to music anymore is either in the car or while I shower. I seriously need a 'Girls Night Out' to go dance my heart out and sweat off some pounds, hee hee:) The last time this happened, a strange thing occured: My bf and I (both married) were breaking men's hearts because we refuse to break our marriage vows and the two single women we were with were astonished, because they were dressed to thrill and not attracting any attention. Just goes to show you men will still pay attention to women having fun and not looking for anyone! A lesson I learned quite a while back....BF and I had gone to meet her guy at a bar. I had broken up with my guy, and was promptly hit on by three different guys, offering to buy me drinks while I waited for her. Did I take them up on their offer? No. However, three nights later, I was on the prowl and couldn't even find a male dance partner! Lesson learned: Do Not Look Desperate/Overeager/Available.

Anyway....just got word my aunt is back in Critical Care and the family is on 'standby' again. Sepsis and pneumonia and whatever else is the diagnosis. And yesterday, another friend informed me she is finally with the rest of the world and getting hooked up to the internet! Finally....and hey, maybe she'll check out this lil' ole' blog of mine? Let's hope!

Check out the contest on my blogmates' sites to the right. So far I've found 3 clues. How many have you found?


Unknown said...

c) - wail and shriek about the inhumanity of it all


c)none of the above - I like fresh air to dry stuff


c)rehang it myself for I am woman

Bronwyn Green said...

b, b and b.

Thoughts and prayers for your aunt and hugs for you.

Sandra Cox said...

A, A, A, or...Call on Amarinda:)

Unknown said...

First, your aunt and your family is in my prayers. Hugs.

As per your quiz:
1) If your microwave quits working, do you
a) Toss it and buy a new one

2) The dryer drum belts break. You
b) Have someone fix it

3) The back door is torn off its hinges during a storm. You
c) it depends on how bad the door is in general. If the door is otherwise still in good shape, I'd choose answer a.

Moving onto your comment about disco. I must be a few years older than you as disco was alive and very well when I was 18-20. I practically lived at the disco (until I married at 20). It was so much fun and I'll always cherish those memories.

Phoenix said...

Buy a new micro after commiserating with hubby and let him buy it cause it will be sparkly and top of the line. Kick the dryer and tell hubby "it's broken", bat eyelashes and look up at him like big protector man fix it. He will have a new belt placed immediately. Rip off the door as who the hell needs a screen anyway.