Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's all about the Pace...

Still Reading: Marvella (ch 5...they have moved to DC) and Best Friends (p. 87). E-books have been put on 'hold' until next week...hubby complained. Have been promised several after tax check arrives:)

I recieved a compliment today:)

I emailed the first chapter of my new wip to a new critique partner, who said my writing was clean, meaning very few errors. She made some suggestions of minor wording flaws, such as taking out unnecessary words or changing a few minor suffixes here and there.

And when I told her it was an unedited 1st draft, her reaction was "WOW...I wish my 1st drafts were that clean!" She agreed to critique the first chapter of one of my polished manuscripts "...although you probably won't need it", and I sincerely hope there aren't too many flaws in it. Sometimes I worry my pacing is too slow...a lot of the e-books I've been reading are fast-paced; I tend to build up the attraction slowly, and then let everything click.

I guess this goes back to the way I approached my own relationships. The ones which started out fast soon fizzled, and it's the ones in which love, trust, and respect took a while have lasted the longest. Case in point: I was good friends with my now-hubby for four years before I ever thought of him as a potential dating partner. The six men I dated, was semi-engaged to, and just had fun with, all lasted from a minimum of 3 weeks to a year before I broke up with them.

9/87-started dating C. (Apparently, hubby and I met at this same time, but I don't remember meeting him! He claims it was Love at 1st Sight...I had no clue!)

10/87-My first memory of meeting him, and an accidental 1st kiss. (Photo stunt...)

2/88-I broke up w/C. D takes me out for a friendly Valentine's dinner and presents me with a tiny stuffed bear.

One week later- Start dating DB. Lasts 1 year.

2/89-Tried to break up w/DB...he whined, so kept him for another couple months. (Talked to D about maybe talking to him, to help my case? Didn't work...)

5/89-Finally broke free of DB and jumped into a friendship w/B. Only lasted 3 months.

7/89-Briefly dated B's next door neighbor. Didn't last.

8/89-Groomsman from best friend's wedding started calling me. I agreed to go out w/him.


2/90-Threw ring back in his face during a fight.

7/90-Successfully broke up with him, and made plans with J. Later that month, plans fizzled.

11/90-D sends me friendly letter; I go to see him; he comes to spend the next day w/me; sparks fly.

1/91-We're dating.

5/91-Married. And so far, it's been nearly 17 years.

My point? This didn't happen overnight. Not every instant attraction has the potential to last; my books are hopefully showing the struggles which occur during the course of true love. Some times Fate intervenes and you find your soul mate early; sometimes you wander off the path only to find he's been in front of you the whole time. And sometimes if you find him too early, the maturity isn't there, and you let each other go, only to rediscover each other twenty years later after some hard life lessons. But the struggle was worth it, especially when the timing finally comes together.

After a small break, I've begun retyping the synopsises again. They're getting better! I'm up to the fourth one now, and frankly, now I want to reread it! I like the way this one reads:) Will you? If I ever get the 3rd one pubbed (and no word yet), I'll post a blurb and we'll play 'name that book' again!


Unknown said...

Good observations and very interesting. I worked with my hubby and knew him for 2 years before we started dating. I was dating E before I met D (hubby). Unbeknownst to me then, D told E I was cute. D told me years later. D and I dated, we broke up, we got back together. We've now been married 28 years, have 5 children and 2 grandchildren.

Congrats on having such clean books. Wish I could say the same with a first draft, or even a second. You rock!

Sandra Cox said...

Good job on your wip!

Unknown said...

Sounds exhausting...but I'm pleased you got a good review of your wip

Anny Cook said...

I admire people who can whip out dates and know exactly when something happened.

I don't even remember exactly how old I am... always have to count it up by subtracting my birth year.