Saturday, February 9, 2008


Still no word on my submission...I guess I'll be sending a reminder on Monday, if I've not heard anything (sigh).

Still reading: Best Friends...I'm up to part 3. Will probably continue with Marvella tonight.

Did anyone else watch Thursday night's debut of Survivor: Fans vs Favs? What was up with Jonny Rotten, er, Fairplay? Was that sob story on the up and up, or was it a ploy gone wrong? At first, I thought it was just a ploy, to throw one alliance off the scent of one player, enabling the other alliance's target to be sent packing. But instead, it was unanimous (I think) that Jonny went bye-bye.

Which is fine by me. He even admitted in the diary part that he found it incredible that ANY of the players were actually taking his story SERIOUSLY! "Dude...have you not watched the show before?" So better for the drama control that the 'loose cannon' is gone. Back to business.

And then there was Celebrity Apprentice. And more drama, from the Piers-Vinny fallout. Stephen nearly quit! But then the girls lose again...They really need Trace on their that guy come up with slogans, or what? But maybe if Stephen hadn't missed part of the task, maybe it would have gone another way. Who knows? Nelly deserved to get the ax. She should have been axed instead of Gene, but he saved her. Again, I think he wanted to be fired.

Lipstick Jungle. Yeah, I know...not reality. But it put me to sleep. I DVR'd the last half hour, and who knows when I'll watch it?

Update on the aunt: She's bleeding internally and it's only a matter of time. The family decided to DNR her...she wouldn't survive surgery, and one lung is filled with fluid. Was at the hospital until 3 am, but she's still hanging on. The docs can only give her pain meds to keep her comfortable, but not enough to make her sleep. Nothing worse than hearing someone moan constantly...and the dear old lady was concerned about US, needing to go home and get some sleep! Like I said, finally at 3 am, I could no longer prop my eyes open, so I kissed her gently, squeezed her hand, and told her I loved her. Will probably go see her tomorrow after church.

Update on Operation Merit Badge: Went very well! My walls are actually white again! And my MIL's lace curtains are crisp and white, not dingy with gray tops:) Sorry Bron...too snowy to come up there while you're gone!'re too far away, ha ha....

I came up with an inpromptu verse for Kelly...her 1st book, Time for Love, is just 5 days away from being published/released with Cerridwen Press. Here goes:

5 more days and it'll be free
from the cyberspace mystery
Promos, chats, and sales galore
the mailman bringing checks to your door!

I challenge each of you to create your own little ditty and post it either on her comments the next 4 days, or your own blog. And while you're at it, make one up for Dakota...she's a first time author also; we don't want to leave her out now, do we? I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow for her. Let's encourage our first-timers!


barbara huffert said...

Hugs for your aunt Molly. I hope for all of you it doesn't drag on. You're in my thoughts.

Unknown said...

here's the thing - submissions always drag. If it sucked you would have heard back straight away - so look at it that way - it doesn't suck

Phoenix said...

Poor Auntie. Sorry she's suffering hon.

I'm a survivor junkie. I was glad to see him go but I think he was doing reputation salvage. I think last time recked his integrity while providing fame. This time, with family, he's trying to repair the damage. He said at least twice that people can change and he's proof. It's a ploy but not for the money. He's already making that hand over fist.

Brynn Paulin said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt :(

Unknown said...

Cute ditty. I'm brain dead tonight, but if I can think of a couple for Kelly and Dakota, I'll try.

Sorry your aunt is still suffering.

I've never been into Survivor, but I love American Idol and The Bachelor/Bachelorette reality shows.