Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day...or Not?

Currently Reading: Silas Marner, the final section of the Lit book. I'm up to the part where Silas discovers the baby on his hearth, and her mother frozen to death in the snow.

And checked: Only 6 or 7 boxes left! Then it will be time to hit the bookstore again...or just stick with the e-books!

E-book: Am on page 100 of Lucifer's Angel. This one is fantastic! Can't wait to read the rest of it!

Ah, the weather in unpredictable, even the weatherman blows it!

You guessed it; we were supposed to get 3-5 inches between midnight and 6 am. My children, positive they were going to have a day off from school, stayed up late, anxiously watching out the windows every fifteen minutes. Finally, when the 11:00 news was already reporting some school closings, the kids were disappointed their school system wasn't on the list. And the system was so close to us...but where was the snow?

"They say it's coming in after midnight," I said. "Now get to bed! Both of you!"
(Why were they still up? We all watched Celebrity Apprentice. Yup, even me! More on this later!)

I woke up at six this morning with my oldest son's reaction. "Oh, man! We only got rain!"

I struggled to get my eyes open. The coffee had already been made, and the news was on. Verdict? 1-hour delay. And by the time the sun was up, we had less than an inch of white stuff on the ground. Even the weatherman said, "Forget the 5-7 inches. That's not going to happen..."

Oldest child had been inflicted with mild insomnia; he'd been up since 4:30 and had drunk 3 cups of coffee by 7. Hubby decided to make scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage for everyone, which earned points for getting daughter out of bed long before anyone expected her to! (Note to self...start making eggs in the morning...she'll get out of bed on time...) Toddler fell out of bed; refused to return to warm bed; drank his cup of weak coffee; got dressed; complained about his no-school day; fell back asleep on the couch!

Oldest son successfully warmed up both vehicles, but promptly fell on his butt the second trip outside. I had told him to be careful! And IF his father and I let him attend the birthday party tonight, he will take a NAP before he leaves! Jury's still out on that decision...we'll call up north and find out about road conditions.

Did anyone else watch Celebrity Apprentice last night? Oh. My. God!! A joke gone bad...I still don't know where the 1st mistake was made...Vinny, when he actually delivered his 'information' or Piers' letting the cat out of the bag? I was sooooooo hoping Piers-I'm-too-arrogant-for-words would be fired last night! But hurray for the women for finally getting a win! I pretty much thought they had it nailed when they were brainstorming the Croc bin...good to know I was right:) This is one episode that will stay on the DVR...and so will next week, I think! Too bizarre...

And I'm proud of myself. Why? For the first time since joining bloggerland, I've finally posted every single day in the month of January! Thought I was going to miss it on Tuesday, but the storms moved out and hubby turned on the computer...I'm not one to pass up that opportunity!

Have a good weekend...I found out the Crazy Serial Blog/Blogga Saga is coming to a close. Anny is posting the final installment tomorrow on she's also running two contests. One starts today; the other one begins...the 5th? Go to and double-check. And while you're there, remind her the countdown to her Time for Love release has begun...13 days! Also, hop over to and congratulate her on finding her sunglasses!


Kelly Kirch said...

Silas Marner is my all-time favorite classic. I did a forensics tournament with that book on how he counted his gold coins. Loved it. Still love it. If I had a boy, his name would be Silas.

Molly Daniels said...

I think I was the only one who read the entire excerpt in the Lit book. But I was determined not to answer the teacher's questions, so she got fed up with us and told us to reread the first several pages. I'd already read the whole thing and fell asleep in class, waking up when the bell rang!

Good chat last night!

Amarinda Jones said...

I did the cliff notes on Silas Marner - loved and adored cliff notes at uni