Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Buzz...and the Next Clue

Still Reading: Same books; Nicholas and Alexandra (still on ch. 3) and My Sister's Keeper (last section?) this one's good! I should have it finished by later today.

E-book: Haven't started Claire's yet, but my friends Dakota Rebel and Barbara Huffert have a new one out through Total-E-Bound; they're part of the Bound Brits anthology. Go check it out; (I hope that's the right addy...if not, go to and link to it on Dakota's site. She's on a roll; Sweet Dreams two weeks ago; this one today; and Hello sometime next month. Is there no stopping her? As if we'd even want to...)

I discovered something last night. We don't get the ABC network. Therefore...I had to wait until this morning to find out who won.

I was thrilled to see Ratatouille won for Best Animated Picture, and that the woman who wrote Juno won for Best Screenplay. But the rest, I just didn't care about. Although, I would have like to have seen Best Director go the the guy who is now following in his father footsteps as a director and is a first-time nominee (Saw this story on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks back, and can't remember the director's name...I think the movie was Juno). And I was sort of hoping Johnny Depp would win for Sweeney Todd, since many of my friends loved the movie.

Why did I really not care? Because the last movie I saw in a theatre was Harry Potter, and when I DVR something, I skip commercials, including movie trailers, unless something reaches out and grabs my attention.

I would like to see Sweeney Todd, and I'm interested in seeing Juno, but the rest of them...unless a member of my family happens to rent it, or it shows up on network TV, I'm not likely to see any of the films honored last night. Except Disney's...I always buy the Disney DVDs!

Contrast this with my enthusiasm four years ago, when I went into labor with my caboose. My water broke at 10:30 pm; Best Picture award was still quite aways off, but when we finally arrived at the hospital, I had two things on my mind: Turn on the TV so I could see if Lord of the Rings 3 had won yet, and 2) Don't let this child be born until after midnight! It was February 29th, and I had no desire to have a Leap Year baby.

Yes, LOTR did win, and yes, I was only dialated at 5cm, so not only did I get an epidural for the first time, baby boy arrived at 3:29 am on March 1st. We only had to push for 29 minutes, beating his sister's push time of 30. And as his older brother arrived at 3:41 am twelve years and three months earlier, he won the clock race as well.

Why did I mention the last part? Sommer's having a tiny contest on her blog about sleep deprivation. One of mine relates to that story. And remember the hoopla on this blog, concerning Kelly's upcoming release? Apparently the critics agree with me (or bought into the hype, anyway, LOL) and Kelly's posted her first official glowing review on And whoo hoo! AJ's flogged my contest and asking about what readers want in romance novels on

Okay...clue #4...

What E-book did I finish on January 11, 2008?

Collect the answers and email them to me at by the weekend. Winner will be announced next Monday!


barbara huffert said...

Ooh Molly you definitely need to see Sweeney Todd while it's still in the theaters. It won't have the same impact on a TV screen.

Amarinda Jones said...

The Oscars mean stuff all to me unless an Aussie wins

Anny Cook said...

1)Don't watch TV.
2)Rarely watch movies.
3)Got you beat in the "pushing" contest...3 minutes.
4)Got you beat in the "labor" contest...17 minutes.
5)I'm with you on have a leap year baby! He'd only be one year old this month!
6)I think the last Oscars I watched was...geez, I don't remember. A long time ago...

Brynn Paulin said...

I don't think many people cared about the Oscars this year. It had the lowest viewer rating of any Oscar show to date...

Perhaps if most of the movies weren't obscure. I hadn't heard of most of them...

My second son was 3 minutes. First was 5. But labor was extraordinarily long with both.

Kelly Kirch said...

It's the hype and all your lyrics I'm sure. Does that mean I owe you commission?

Molly Daniels said...

I'll expect the check in the mail, ha ha:)