Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Eli Manning vs Tom Brady. NY Giants vs NE Patriots.

Personally, we're Manning fans over here! And we all agree that Brady does not need rings for every finger...

We're heading to the store soon, so I'm throwing a party. I'm posting my menu and invite you to let me know what you're eating today. Are you die-hard pizza eaters for the Big Game? Or if you like what I'm having, feel free to crash the party and pig out with us.

Appetizers: Shrimp Coctail, chips, crackers, cheese, and Chex Mix.

Soup: Homemade Broccoli-chedder (Thank you Emeril!)

Main Course: Corned Beef, slow cooked to perfection.
Deli meats, if you don't like corned beef.
Focaccia rolls
Baby Swiss cheese
Chicken Broccoli Braid

Also available for consumption: Pickles, various raw veggies.

Desserts: Daughter made a yellow cake
Sugar cookie tart...sugar cookie dough rolled out and cooked on round baking stone. When cooled, chocolate frosting is spread, and decorated with blue and red icing with 'GVP' on it.
Ice Cream.

Drinks: Regular soft drinks, as children will be present. However, I was able to get my 4-pack of White Russians! One after the 1st quarter; 2 during Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; one to either celebrate the Giant's win or commiserate with them.

And it's my house, so I'll be changing into my pink #18 Manning jersey and my blue Colts pj pants around 5 pm. Wore my blue, #88 Marvin Harrison jersey to church this morning. My pink one is too tight to layer a white turtleneck under it...

Sound good? I'd better get cracking! Let me know what's on your menu and if you're wearing anything special for the occasion? See you tomorrow!

Go Giants:)


Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like regardless of who wins it will be a fun party. Enjoy!

Carol Preflatish said...

I'm on my way, Molly. Go Giants!!


barbara huffert said...

Okay I admit it. I'm odd. You already know I don't watch reality shows. I don't watch football either. Can I come to the party anyway?

Unknown said...

As someone on Brisbane radio said this morning - "Who will win the superbowl? Who cares?" I don't understand the whole thing but it if makes you happy whatever.

Phoenix said...

I love Tom Petty, "And I won't back down". S'way I feel about it. We rooted for the Giants and Scott was happy. We had snack night for dinner.... shrimp cocktail spread, meat and cheese tray, crackers, pizza squares, Kool Aid, cheese sticks. Really healthy stuff. NOt a single veggie in sight.

I hate football. The food is the good part. There's your answer, AJ.

Bronwyn Green said...

Oh...there was a game?