Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Happenings

Currently Reading: Finally finished Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. Loved it! Had an unexpected ending which had me in tears...Now I can concentrate on Nicholas and Alexandra. Am still on chapter 3. I've been writing, not reading, for a change today!

I went to scrapbooking yesterday, and was successful in unloading the first of six sets of pictures into my new photo album! And I've already labelled two more. I just wish I'd learn to jot down on the calendar when I actually took the photos...when we had the huge rain storm last summer, and I snapped all those pictures of my toddler playing in the rain...sure, I remember that day. But was in August or early September? Okay....scramble to line them up with the index photo...it was before the Labor Day cookout, so that narrows it down a bit...

And it would also help if I would get them downloaded and printed out sooner than every six months...Remember when digital cameras first came out, and the ad showed a kid hovering between the diving board and the water? I had a naked toddler in the rain...a kid with her hand in a bowl of hamburger....and a son with a bite of birthday cake halfway in his mouth! No more...all is well and downloaded on CD. And I have a clear memory card again...wonder what I'll take pictures of next!

Watched Big Brother Sunday. I'm hoping a certain person gets voted out on Thursday...but saw a teaser for tonight's episode, and it looks as if there's a medical emergency. Will tune in and find out.

The good news of today? Actually, I have 2...1) One of my single friends called and she finally has a bedroom set. After sleeping on either her couch or a sleeping bag, she's finally bought a bed. And I'm invited to her parent's house on her birthday...apparently her dad has a killer homemade pizza recipe!

2) Spent an hour working on my latest WIP, until my other half decided we were going to take the kids shopping. They got out early for Teacher's Inservice, so we ventured out into the cold. Two hours and 3 stores later, my oldest has a sweatshirt; my daughter, new jeans; toddler, Cars outfit; me, food; dog, food; hubby, nosebleed. No, nobody hit him! Came home and I hope I don't have to go out again until the wind dies down! It was supposed to get to nearly 40; it was still 31 when we headed home. And flurries...but so far nothing is sticking!

Clue #5: Who is my favorite musician? (Hint: Check MySpace)

I've got dinner in the slowcooker, so I can keep working and it will be easy clean-up for whoever's got KP duty tonight. Stay warm:)

Remember, collect all the answers and email me on Saturday at storimom2@aol.com with the answers. Winner gets a free copy of Love Finds a Way!


Unknown said...

I don't understand scrapbooking but I know it's very popular

Sandra Cox said...

Good for you for getting your writing done!!!!

Unknown said...

Hope the hubby's okay.

I like the end product of how the scrapbooks look and would love to have them, but it's one of those things I'll have to do someday later when I have more time, more money. Mainly more time.

Molly Daniels said...

Hubby's fine...if his blood gets too thin, he bleeds easily. In this case, it was a zit he'd scratched. He's off to get a blood draw.

I don't like to get overly decorative in my scrapbooks. I merely filled mine with my toddler's artwork, and will spend the rest of the sessions cataloging my photos! No nonsense there...I stick 'em in, label, and tape down the plastic cover:)