Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Currently Reading: I'm up to chapter 14 on Thin Ice and I am loving it! Go over to The Wild Rose Press and pick this one up! A most definite Recommended Read, and I'm not even finished with it! Great job, Liana! Can't wait to get back to this one! Maybe it was you that inspired me last night??

Word Count: 650!!!

Most of you know I've been struggling with a creative blockage inside my brain, and have been lucky if I write a paragraph. Last night at Laptop Society, something finally broke free and I managed to write the equivelent of a page:) I've posted the word count; it this keeps up, I'll keep posting my progress.

Not sure what exactly caused it; I had written a few lines in between conversations, and was rather surprised when two people stood up to leave and the other four followed. According to the laptop clock, it was only 6:30; since Tuesday nights are my 'run away from home' nights, I opted to stay longer, and kept writing.

Soon I noticed it was getting dark, so I came to a stopping point and packed away the laptop. Before I shut it down, I noticed the clock said I'd been working for another hour.

A friend of mine had arrived and was surfing the web a few tables away. I stopped to say hi and ask why he hadn't joined me.

"You looked focused, and I didn't want to interrupt your train of thought."

Sidebar: Now that's a considerate friend; one who knows you've been having creative struggles and decides to let you keep working!

In the course of our brief conversation, I mentioned I'd left my watch at home and wanted to be home by 8. Imagine my surprise when C mentioned I was late; his laptop was reporting the time as 7:44 and he didn't think it rolled over to Indiana time (he lives across the river in Illinois; they're an hour behind.)

C didn't have his watch on, so I asked a gentleman sitting at the next table what time it was.


Holy Crap!

I hurriedly said goodbye and hurried home. Fortunately, no one was overly upset by the fact I'd been gone for 4 hours, instead of the normal 3! I asked my daughter if she knew her laptop was an hour off; she said yes; she didn't know why.

Hopefully, the creativity will continue; I was watching the news and another thought popped into my head. As soon as I get through my morning chores, I'll sit down and get back to work.

In Other News...
My desk chair broke.

No, it wasn't my recent weight gain; my oldest has taken to watching Stargate reruns on and using my black leather desk chair as a substitute for a recliner. Consequently, yesterday the thing wobbled back and forth so much, I was uncomfortable sitting in it.

Further examination showed the steel mounting bracket was nearly in two pieces! I rolled it over to an out-of-the-way corner until my spouse could get his welding materials and put it back together.

Enter to toddler: He decides to play on it.


My chair is now lying on its side, waiting to be fixed! My two boys killed it.

But never fear; hubby to the soon as his love for the DIY network is over on April 29th. That's when the free preview is over. And no, we don't want to pay an additional $20 just for the package that allows us to see this channel.

Happy Wednesday! Go over to Regina's blog and check out her news!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the chair and yay all over about the word count. :)

Hey, I followed a link from Fran's Examiner site to who are actively seeking writers. They do all genres. There may have been a "the" in front of that addy too. Not sure.

As if you didn't have enough to work on. Heh.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for the tip, Kell:)