Friday, April 10, 2009

Semi-Busy Friday

Currently Reading: Enjoyed Lady Makes Three:) Next up: Sloane Taylor's French Kiss. I may get to it today...

The kids don't have school, so everyone's still sleeping.

I have to go to the store for some last-minute Easter items and dog food; otherwise today will be spent decorating the house in preparation of the Easter Bunny. And that means sweeping the floors, dusting, and moving some of the toddler's toys downstairs. The table will come back up, but ONLY until Monday, I've decreed! Not leaving that clutter-catcher up any longer than I have to! But with anywhere from 7-10 extra people showing up for dinner, I need a buffet table to put the food.

What's on the menu?
-Lil' Smokies appetizer
-Veggie tray with dip
-Garden salad
-Potato salad
-Scalloped potatoes
-Glazed carrots
-Green Beans (or peas...haven't decided!)
-Homemade rolls
-Yellow cake with chocolate icing
-Whatever everyone else cares to bring!

I drank the last of the wine during the NCAA Championship (cough) game, so I might go buy myself another bottle. After all, there is good news on the horizen...check here for details:) I was feeling pretty good yesterday!

Day #11 of the steroids, and I can feel my body getting back to 'normal'. I'm not a whirlwind of activity, though the appetite is still going bonkers! I had to force myself away from the food last night at the Pampered Chef party; a pasta dish with Pesto was offered, and I couldn't get enough Pesto in me, for whatever reason! And yeah, I still haven't returned to the walking regime just yet. Gotta do that next week!

What's on your agenda for the weekend? Stayng home? Visiting family? Cooking up a storm, or are you eating out? Coloring eggs? Or do you hide the plastic ones with candy and money inside?

Reality TV Update:
There's a minor disagreement in our house over the Survivor cast. I say Tyson has to go next; hubby says Coach. Anyone else watching?


Ashley Ladd said...

We'll be going to my son's house for Easter. We'll take some of the food, but I need to speak to my d-i-l to find out exactly what. I guess it's time I do that as I still need to shop and cook.

Have a very happy and blessed Easter.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Ashley:) Happy Easter!