Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Stuff

Currently Reading: The Lady Makes Three. I'm up to Ch 5:)

April Reading/Buying Schedule:
4/10-French Kiss by Sloane Taylor
In The Arms of Danger- Jayden Chase

4/17-Masked Encounter & Steamy Encounter-Samantha Gentry

Thin Ice-Liana Leverentz

4/24-Tantalizing Tilly -AJ

American Beauty-Ashley Ladd

5/1- Flavia's Secret- Lindsay Townsend

Blind Date After Dark: Mr. Right-Lara Santiago

I've decided to group some of the same books from the same publishers every week. My TBB list is back down to a reasonable 40 titles, so I'm getting caught up!

This week is off to a strange start.

First of all, my second prediction came true for March Madness, and tonight, Michigan State goes up against North Carolina. I'm going to choose the Cinderella story and go with Michigan State...these boys are playing extremely well!

Secondly, I had one of those weird dreams this morning which went on and on and on...and kept morphing into weirder stuff. Think teenage rebellion, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, Hellboy, and Power Rangers all rolled into one dream. Travis, maybe I've been reading too much of your stuff...

Did I do any edits over the weekend? No. But we did get the utility room shelves cleared off, several unnecessary papers thrown away, and a box of old photos uncovered. Shelves look less cluttered; I know where my Easter Egg trays are, and we cleaned the dust from several serving bowls to use next weekend.

My herb-roasted chicken dish turned out quite scrumtious....if you get past the tiny fact the chickens we bought weighed 5lbs each instead of 3.5, and took 3 hours to cook, rather than just two the recipe said! But, I managed to keep everything warm while the birds went back in the oven, and at 8:00 last night, my toddler ate everything in sight. Cheesy mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, two chicken legs, one wing, and a few bites of Mommy's white meat. And passed out two hours later.

The second bird is still in the fridge; we'll eat it tomorrow, or I might slice some off for lunch today. And the only herbs used were sage, garlic, rosemary, and a little butter. I'll be using more sage in my cooking; I like the taste:)

Today's To-Do List:
-Paying bills (always fun, but necessary to keep the utilities turned on, lol!)
-Grocery shopping for the week (including the milk chocolate rabbits and sugar-free candy)
-Edits on Chs 4 &5
-Small revisions on Chs 2 &3 (he likes my suggestions)
-Laundry (S's clothes smell smoky from her visit, as J is still lighting up!)

I've also discovered that being on steroids the past week has boosted my energy level; taken away the semi-depression; and in general, made me a happier person! And I still have six more days left, plus two on the antibiotics.

The downside? I feel as if I've put on twenty pounds. I'm resuming the walking schedule tomorrow. I know it's mainly water; I can still fit comfortably in my clothing! But my appetite has increased, which made it slightly hard to stick to my portion-control goal of Lent. Only one week left, and I've only gone off of it 3 times in the past five weeks, so still not doing too bad!

Found out 'the boys' liked my departure from romance, and have plotted out the ending to Saturday's brainstorm. Maybe James can write ch 2, and Travis ch 3, and it will be our first collaboration? Never thought of writing horror before...maybe I ought to interview Trav or even Tracy, to see how they got their start?


Anny Cook said...

Glad your writing is going well...

Molly Daniels said...

I'm on a roll...2:00 and all 5 chapter edits are DONE! Wow...should take steroids more often??? Just kidding!

Sandra Cox said...

Have a good day, Molly:)