Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: WOW! Thin Ice was fantastic! I finished reading it yesterday while waiting for A and J's mom to call, letting us know she was headed this way. Again, Recommended Read! (The Wild Rose Press, Liana Leverentz) Next up is Ashley Ladd's American Beauty:)

Silent Plane Would Cut Airport Noise headline think???

Saturday...Day To Sleep In, Right?
Not so for me today!

I've been abnormally sleepy for two days (no, not pregnant, thank God!) and looked forward to several hours of uninterrupted sleep.

4:30 am: Lucky wakes me up, begging to go out. I let her out and turn on the coffee pot.

5:30 am: K's radio alarm goes off, blaring Nickleback throughout the house. Thankfully it did NOT wake up A, J, or W!

6:30 am: K's clock radio beeps non-stop. Again, the little ones sleep right through it.

K is going to get a ball bat to the head when he gets home tomorrow, and 'turn off alarms' added to his checklist of things to do before leaving for the weekend!

And if for some reason I did not shut off the radio alarm, I'm pulling the plug if it goes off again in the morning. Let him reset everything!

And today is the first Saturday I don't have anything on the DVR to watch! BH 90210 officially started over last weekend. But since I'd missed the 3rd episode, I recorded it while I was gone. Hmmm...I could check out the 7th Heaven episiodes; I didn't begin watching that series until Mary's senior year in HS!

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