Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is This Really Necessary? Apparently So...

Currently Reading: Enjoyed Last Glass of Wine and The Tenth Circle! Looking forward to Jodi's Change of Heart. Purchased AJ's Penned Again and Ashley Ladd's Make-Believe Lover. I'll get to them probably later today or tomorrow.

I'm shaking my head over another news item. Remember a while back I posted about a new 'fad' among the not-yet-walking set, baby stilletto crib shoes? Well now it seems we are raising a generation of divas.

There are two year olds getting weekly manicures, pedicures, and facials.

You read that right; FACIALS!

My toddler is 5, and a boy, but his skin had no need of extra exfolliation 3 years ago, and neither did my daughter's at that age. 12, yes, but that's not the point here!

The main point of the story was, if you're going to encourage your small children to be 'beauty conscious', don't encourage it as a weekly basis, or 'entitlement' attitudes. Once a month; on special days, by all means have a 'Mommy and Me' day at the salon (if you can afford it...I used to let my daughter moisturize her skin and wear some light makeup before a preschool performance or party...and when I say light, I mean cherry lipgloss and Barbie perfume/eyeshadow.) or get 'glammed' up to go out for a meal or even a tea party. But please DON'T make it a weekly occurance?

They showed a 14-year old who gets weekly pedicures and the amount of money she'd spent on her 'beauty' regimen would pay off some people's credid card debt.

We're already in the throes of girls with low self-esteem, trying to starve themselves to look like their favorite celebrities; so why start so young? Why not encourage your child to embrace her individuality and feel comfortable in her own skin?

Two years old. What's next, liposuction at six? Implants at 11? This is insane and starting to get out of control.

Use your heads, ladies! Kids need Moms, not wanna-be models/agents.

Toddler Hit A Milestone:)
His dad took the training wheels off his Elmo bike, and he's doing fairly well! By the end of the day, once we put some air in the back tire, he should have it mastered. Especially since the rain is supposed to arrive around 2 am. There's plenty of sunshine for him to practice today:)

Oven Parts Arrived!
It is already installed and working:) Saturday I'm making Herb-Roasted Chicken. The picture looks yummy, and I'll report back if it tastes as good as it looks!

Have a good day; I'm diving into my final edits on Ch 2.

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