Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Devoured French Kiss and Jayden Chelcee's In the Arms of Danger. Now I'm out of reading material again until tomorrow...I have inside information that the Easter Bunny is leaving me another Jodi Picoult in my basket:)

Weakest Link host Anne Robinson:
In the traditional version of The Lord's Prayer, what 'H', meaning sanctified, goes before "be they name"?

Contestant: Howard

on I am the Lord and My name is Howard!

This brings to mind a story I read in grade school. The mother was listening to her young daughter recite The Lord's Prayer, only she couldn't pronounce her 'r's. She said 'Hawold be thy name'! So is it 'Howard' or 'Harold'???? Hahahahahaha...

Time to Get to Work!
I goofed off yesterday. Read all day, and so now not only must I clean the house, but I have to boil the eggs and make whatever I can ahead before tomorrow.

I'm blaming my lack of activity on the fact I ran out of creamer, and only had a half a cup of coffee yesterday. Sad, I know...

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Phoenix said...

My littler girl used to say, "Give us this day our jelly bread..."

:) Very cute. P loves jelly bread so it just made sense to her.