Friday, April 17, 2009

Whaaaat Happened?

Currently Reading: Finished Mercy a few days ago, and read Samantha Gentry's Masked Encounter yesterday; btw...another Recommended Read! I'll probably get to Steamy Encounter today, and Liana Leverenz's Thin Ice by Sunday.

Talk about blindside last night! We were so sure Coach was going to end up regretting his arrogant words last night, but apparently this group of castaways are good at deception. Brendan got the final vote, and by the second or third time his name was read, you could plainly see 'Damn...maybe I should have played the idol...' was going through his brain! The boy had no clue he was about to be double-crossed by Stephen, Taj, and JT. And tribal council was hilarious, reading all the body language!

I honestly hoped the Exile alliance would turn the tables. But unless someone catches on to Coach and Tyson, you can almost predict the pecking order. As one of my FaceBook friends pointed out, maybe they are keeping Coach and Tyson around for the 'hate' factor...take one of them to the end, with the hopes they've pissed off too many jury members?

My spouse was yelling at the TV last night, and wanted to go to the island to shake some sense into these people!

Road Trip!
I'm off to Purdue tonight:) I know of at least two people who are planning to show up, and neither of them has read my work! Well, okay...Angie used to read my 5th grade stuff...I think... and Barb has heard my mother talk about it.

And I got word this morning that my fledgling book should be back from the proofreaders next week. Hopefully I'll get word of a release date by then???

Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Attended teleconference yesterday, and while it was informative, I really didn't learn anything new, other than to possibly re-think my attitude about Twitter, GoodReads, and Linked In. I had resisted FaceBook, because I had heard of a virus circulating (found out it is linked to videos, so as long as I don't click on any, I'm safe), and thought it was mainly for kids. WRONG! And when I signed up for the free consultation, I was impressed when Joe called me an hour later, and through our conversation, he informed me that of the many calls he'd already made, I'm the most 'plugged in' person so far. But he did end the call rather speedily when I informed him the 'Social Media University Course' he was offering was waaaaaay out of my price range! He did take a look at my website and wished me good luck in my career. Who knows; maybe he has a wife/daughter/sister/mother/aunt who likes to read and he'll refer them? And he was also rather impressed when I told him about the e-book concept, and what some college students had told me last month:)

Writing Progress
I've managed to write a whopping total of one page this week. Sad, I know, but hey...that's one page I didn't have this time last week! I'm taking my notebook/flash drive with me, in case during my 3-hour drive I get inspired, and I'm also taking another stack of floppy discs with me, to transfer more of my e-book library to my flash drive. One of those being Anny's Cherished Destinies; I had only read it once, and when I read Love Never Ending, I was confused at one point! And since this new PC of mine has no 3 1/2 floppy drive, I couldn't read it! So finally, my curiosity will be satisfied. And Sandra, I'm going to try Boji Stones again. If it still won't transfer, I'll contact you.

Have a good weekend; I'll be back tomorrow with the Stupid Saying, and report on Sunday any accomplishments:)


Anonymous said...

I thought Purdue was in May. I'm soooo out of the loop. I was going to send you stuff.

Anyway, travel safely.

PS. Did you SEE that stupid smug smile on his face when there were only two votes and Brendon went home? But I bet you he spends the next three days trying to weed out who voted for him. I hope he never works it out. I want it to bug him.

Anny Cook said...

Happy you liked Cherished Destinies! Hope you get everything transferred!