Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad...

Currently Reading: Still on American Beauty:)

Remember this quote from Bill Cosby?

"I brought you into this world and I can take you out..."

I'm having issues with two of my kids. The younger two. Daughter's life is being spared by a friend arriving every morning to take her to school, and she's been on time and even early for an entire week! Hope this continues for the next 3 weeks!

W, my lovable, eager-to-please, borderline-Stepford-Child-wannabe, has disappeared. In his place is an alien who has suddenly decided Mom and Dad really don't mean 'No', and he can do whatever he darn well wants.


His bike is now locked in storage until next weekend; he has discovered we are immune to whining; and his little bottom hasn't been swatted this much since the age of two. And I've threatened to tie him to the kitchen table in order to keep him in the house. Or at least a leash!

Planning For the Weekend
A and J may not be arriving until tomorrow. They've been sick so much this winter, the school decreed they must be in school tomorrow, no matter what their mother's issues. So they may be spending the night with Grandma, and their Uncle D might pick them up and meet us; then again, he might keep them at his house for the weekend. So until we get the phone call, we really don't know what's going on.

If they aren't coming, I'll have a peaceful anniversary, and we can go north and clean out our storage unit (I know I keep saying that, but every time we make plans to do that, something always interferes! Arrgghhh...). Doing so would save us $55 a month, and until the spouse goes back to work, that would be a tank of gas or even more grocery money. K keeps begging me to make the puff pastry chicken cordon bleu again, and our meat supply is getting thin. We can all tell it's nearly May; the supplies we put in during January and February are rapidly decreasing in the basement.

Time to Return to Work!
No; not me...I work 24/7, remember? (LOL!)

DIY Network's Free Trial is over, and my spouse is grumbling. But we're not about to shell out another $20 or so just for one channel! He can go back to work or enjoy his History, Spike, Sci-Fi, and Discovery Channels again. I'm still finding time to watch my Gilligan's Island DVD's (I'm up to the second side of Disk #2!) and then I'll move on to The Muppet Show. I'm caught up on my DVR episodes of ER, and only need to watch this week's One Tree Hill and 90210. With having to keep an eagle eye on the above 5-yr-old (and ready to put a GPS tracking devise on him), I've not done much writing in the past week.

Maybe the alien will decide her life was more enjoyable with her rebel child, and send mine back?


B.B. Walter said...

Hear, Hear! to tying the alien child to the table to keep him in line :) Hopefully, you'll get your Stepford child back soon; I'm sure alien-mom misses the little guy she's used to.

Unknown said...

Hugs. My youngest is hating school and constantly trying to stay home. Last year the school told me to send him unless he's running a certifiable fever. I've been sticking to that.