Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday's Stupid Saying

The really right people know how to dodge taxes anyway.
-President George W Bush on Sen. John Kerry's proposal to rescind tax cuts for the wealthy

Temperamental Technology
Sorry about yesterday; my mom's internet was slower than a snail yesterday morning! My mail wouldn't even load after 40 minutes, so I turned on the TV and watched 'Meatballs' while I was transfering my e-books to the flash drive. Everything transfered except Prairie Peace by Ginger Simpson; Isabella's Diary by Anita Birt; Witch's Heart by Tabitha Shay; Meeting Mr. Right Online by Cindy K Green (I think The Spirit of Christmas transfered; why not MMRO? They were on the same disk! Makes no sense...); and Master Me by Brynn Paulin.

Had a good signing; sold two and passed out over 100 bookmarks. The weather was fantastic, and spoke to a couple of English majors, an engineering major who was impressed when I mentioned K's desire to work for NASA; and joked with one parent who was outfitting his Freshman daughter with a new Purdue wardrobe, socks and all. I asked him if he was going to update my wardrobe too; it turns out the daughter had sweatshirts and tees from nearly every other Indiana college, but nothing from Purdue, and as an alumnus, he felt it his duty to correct that oversight!

Had dinner with my parents and visited with Angie, and headed home. Stopped by to see my BFF and her daughters filled me in on their Spring Break trip to Universal Studios, and saw pictures of S's new bunny. F showed me her newly completed room; the last time I was there, it had just been added to the house and was being painted. And teased E's hubby (conservation officer) that he almost received a call about illegal deer hunting: When I pulled onto SR 63, I was just getting up to speed when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a rather large deer, heading for the passenger side of my car. I floored the accelerator and avoided a nasty auto-vs-deer crash...whew! Don't need to destroy the spouse's vehicle; not this close to his going back to work! And since E (BFF) had told me several years back that yes, it makes a difference if you hit the deer, or the deer hits you, I wasn't going to take any chances with the insurance finding a reason not to pay for damages.

That's all for now; I'm going to get off of here, pour myself another cup of coffee and catch up on two days' worth of blogs. And to my friends who are heading off to RT, have a great time; please update regularly and post pictures?? I'm living vicariously (and rather enviously, lol...) through you! Have a safe trip down and back and maybe I'll be there next year. Wonder if that website Barb shared with me last year will post videos again???


Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks for the cross-promotion yesterday:)

Sandra Cox said...

Have a good week, Molly.