Monday, April 27, 2009


Currently Reading: Ashley Ladd's American Beauty.

Word Count: 0. Grandchildren can read now, and since I'm working on sex scene, I didn't want them reading over my shoulder!

Anyone going to be in the New York area tonight? Barb?

There's a new Broadway musical called Rock of Ages, starring Constantine (blanking on last name) and Amy Spanger, and is all about the rock music of the '80's. I have it on good authority that Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) and Tommy Shaw (Styx) are going to be onstage tonight.

Please go to the show and smuggle your video camera inside, and make me a bootleg copy?

If not, I have their mini-concert on my DVR from The Early Show.

I'll just have to wait until it arrives in Indianapolis...

"Mommy? Do I go to kindergarten yet?"
Greeted me when I woke up W this morning. And he pouted when I replied that no, he won't go until August 13th. The good news is, we met with his Head Start teacher last Friday, who informed us the switch flipped on in his brain the past week, and he's finally taking an interest in LEARNING! Whereas before during Rug Time he would hang his head (ala 'don't call on me...'), he now raises his hand and at least trys to answer the questions concerning days of the week, months, alphabet, and numbers!

I'm going to go ahead and enroll him in kindergarten, and if he needs another year, then we'll keep him back. K started kdgn as a late 5-yr-old (his b-day is in Dec), and S missed the cutoff by 3 days, so she was already 6 when she started. Both kids have almost always made the Honor Roll, and I credit their late birthdays. But with W being a March baby...we'll see what happens next year. Maybe he'll surprise me?

To-Do List:
I'm still finding stuff A and J left behind. Oh well...they're coming back Thursday night, as their mom is working the Kentucky Derby next weekend. I just hope the weather is wonderful again!
-Grocery shopping
-Buying new tennis shoes. My left shoe decided to separate from its sole. D tried to glue it back together, but the entire outside edge is gone. Time for a new pair!
-Vacuuming the floors (again...3 kids under age 8 were messy!)

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