Friday, April 3, 2009

Not A Bad Week:)

Currently Reading: Finished Penned Again last night, and am now on Make-Believe Lover. I'm on Ch 2.

Monday, had an interview (I may have mentioned this before:) and I think I can finally relax. Only good things were sent to my inbox; no angry or stern phone calls/emails from parental units, unless they are waiting to spring it on me at a later date!

Tuesday, my muse returned for a brief, one-hour stint so I could add to one of my wips; just wish she'd come back...

Wednesday, I was busy listening to blog talk radio. Listened to Cindy's interview, Tabitha Shay and Ashley Ladd's interviews (although my internet cut out before Ashley finished...sorry!), and to Travis interview the band The Broderick. I had borrowed my older son K's ear buds, and they made my ears sooooo sore! Thankfully, he came home and rescued me; turns out I had them in the wrong ears! Who knew? Bring me back my old Walkman headphones...

Yesterday, the parts to my oven came in; we had biscuits with dinner for the first time in over a week. Maybe I'd been fixing them too frequently; usually we always have four left over? Last night they were all devoured, and we need a new supply of apple butter and jelly. How do I know it is April, besides the date? Staple supplies bought back in January are starting to get thin. Time for hubby to go back to work.

And today, the following landed in my inbox. Three days too late, but, what the hell...

ATTN: CEO/Manager
From Mrs. Marylyn Elumbu
Bangkok. Thailand

My Dear.

Compliment of the day, Before I proceed, may I humbly introduce myself to
Your good self, My Name is Mrs. Marylyn Elumbu a Sudanese
Refugee, My Husband Dr Muru N. Elumbu assistant to Usman al-Mirghani of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Sudan who was formerly
Overthrown out of power by Sudanese Government.
Prior to this last serious crisis that is still
Ravaging in my country, which recently led to?
Misfortune of my husband,

I am taking treatment in Kamcha- E Hospital, 55 Moo 12, Numtieng, Kamcha -E, Mukdahan for six months for heart problem. My son will be very much interested in doing business in your country and l would like to know the procedures of a Non-Citizen will requires to do business in your country.

I inherited some money which my late husband deposited with a Security Company in Thailand for safety .So I now decided to contact you to assist my son to claim this money from where it was deposited and guide him for investment. Therefore I would like to seek your assistance and help. I am interested particularly in properties, but your advice on other areas of private sector would be highly appreciated, I believe that you would be of great help in guiding my son to a successful business investment in Your country.

I will like you to know that your assistance will help both of us. The amount in question is USD$5 Million .which I earlier stated to you that I inherited from my late husband. I will appreciate your willingness to carry out this transaction. More details will be furnished to you as soon as I hear from you. As I have mapped out 10%, for your assistance and 5% would be used for the replacement of any Expenses that is incurred during this transaction. You can contact me via email Meanwhile l contacted you for an elaborate briefing of investment guidelines in your country.

Although l can not invest in your country without a knowledge of the procedures and someone have to assist me. Also, I am ready to be in partnership with you, if you have a good knowledge of business Investment and will not betray my Trust. l thank you for having time to go through my e-mail, and l looked forward in reading your reply soon.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Marylyn Elumbu

Hurray...I can buy all the e-books I want, stuff my shelves with food, and buy a house with more than two bedrooms. Plus, hire a professional publicist. Oh, the possibilities! I can tell I'll be popular when word of my windfall gets out...(snicker!)

Woo Hoo!

The rain last night cooperated with me and did NOT knock out my sattellite, so was able to watch Survivor and DVR the ER Finale and the wrap-up. Hubby had to miss out on the 200th episode of CSI, but he agreed to catch the rerun in the summer.

I've also developed a new TV habit. A few weeks back, in a fit of nostalgia, I purchased the complete 2nd season of Gilligan's Island. And have been watching two episodes every day, either in the 5pm hour or the 7pm hour. Most entertaining, let me tell you! What's most amusing is that within the first few minutes, I can pretty much tell you how it's going to go down! And some of these episodes I barely remember! After I've worked my way through both discs (I'm on side #2 of the first one), I'll move on the The Muppet Show.

Today's To-Do List:

-One or two loads of laundry

-Final edits on Ch 3

-Twisting hubby's arm so we can have pizza for dinner

-Re-reading book #7 in my Arbor U series. I've found someone who went through an eating disorder and can interview/send this person a couple of scenes to see if I'm covering it in the right manner.

Have a great weekend!


Mia Watts said...

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Molly Daniels said...


Regina Carlysle said...

Must to send moneys soon.

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh. And Gods Blessings.