Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy Thursday!

First of all, hearts go out to Liam Niesan and family on the sudden death of Natasha Richardson.

Secondly, I have a new best friend. His name is Chad, and he works at Best Buy. Why is he my new BFF? He took my old PC tower apart, discovered the motherboard was fried; removed the hard drive, and now in the process of transferring all my documents from it to CD!! I hae learned my lesson, people. From now on, the minute I stop working on a document, I'm going to save it in three places: hard drive, flash drive, and CD! After going through hell the past year with losing documents, computer crashes...I'm not going to play the 'some day' game anymore.

Third, my toddler had a blast in the pool last night and nearly had to be forcebly removed from the pirate ship so we could eat dinner last night! Yes, I plan to take my camera with me today and get pics of him going down the slide and standing under the treasure chest as it dumps pool water on him. And though enclosed tube slides make me slightly clausterphobic, I plan on making at least one trip down today. The tube goes outside the building before twisitng its way back in. K loved it:) I will probably plop myself in the hot tub afterwards...

Last, today starts the NCAA March Madness, and I left my bracket at home. So you're spared my list of teams I've picked for today and tomorrow. Go Purdue and Butler! I forget when Illinois plays...

Today's To-Do List:
-Free breakfast
-Lunch at Olive Garden
-Hair appointment (finally getting this mass cut off and permed!)
-Pool (oops...I'd better take that slide before lunch!)
-Promo trip to Follett's, B&N, and Borders
-Dinner at Logan's Steakhouse
-Picking up my disc with recovered files from Best Buy, since Chad works from 5-close:)
-Pool/hot tubbing before bed; checking the scores to see how my teams did in the first-round games:)

Somewhere in there I'm hopefully going to connect with Angie and Jane, two friends of mine from waaaaay back:) I might even do some writing...depends on if I get inspired from seeing the files???


barbara huffert said...

Email things to yourself whenever you work on them. So easy and takes no time at all.

Molly Daniels said...

I did that for a while, but only emailed the parts I was working on. So I'm VERY happy my 'oops' was still salvageable:)