Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lesson From 1st Conference

Currently Reading: Still on Change of Heart. I may finish it today...this is getting good!

"If you go to Starbucks to write, take this (holds up power strip) with you..."

"People will buy you coffee if you allow them to plug into your strip!"

Ever since I joined the Laptop Society, I've brought my power strip along. Sometimes members have bought my tea, or stuffed pretzel, but I've not made it a requirement. And last night, having it along brought another added benefit.

Since the university is on Spring Break, only two of us showed up last night. Which was fine; I was able to get more work accomplished without all the chit-chat that comes with meeting new members, as was the case the past two weeks:) In fact, I even arrived early yesterday, so I could have some 'me' time, to unblock my creativity.

But when I arrived, our table was occupied, and my other fellow member was sitting at a smaller table. I plopped my backpack down and debated whether or not to try to hook up the laptop, or just order something and wait until the person left.

"Excuse me...if you two would like the larger table, I'll be happy to move to the smaller one..."

I smiled sweetly. "Oh thank you! If you don't mind sharing, I've got a power strip..." (When it comes to my favorite table, I'm not shy about taking it when offered!)

"Okay." He remained where he was, and B and I moved to his table.

He turned out to be simply surfing the web, but soon he was listening intently as B told him about the book he's writing; I asked for an impartial opinion about some edits; soon the guy realized he was in the presence of serious writers and closed his laptop, asking us about how we got started, did we always know we wanted to write, etc.

We may have recruited another member; we'll find out next week!

I'm starting to feel better; food is actually beginning to sound appetizing. Gee...wonder if I've shed any more pounds on this liquid and brocolli-cheese soup diet of mine for the past few days? I split a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese with my toddler for lunch yesterday. First solid food I'd had since Sunday's chicken strips (I wasn't in the mood to fight my food in order to eat...the family wanted fried chicken; I told them to pick me up some boneless strips from the deli counter! And they forgot my soup from Quiznos...). Monday, I had the spouse take me through the drive-through at Pizza Hut (did you know PH has a drive-thru?? I didn't!) for a bowl of their delicious B-C soup. Now if I could just force it up slightly to that sore spot in the back of my throat...but no; not possible. Don't you hate it when your throat itches? Same with the eustation tubes. I think it was the movie Airplane that had Lloyd Bridges swishing a towel (washcloth, perhaps??) between his ears? You get the picture.

Today's To-Do List:
-Call Circuit City! We still haven't made it down there to see about my old PC files. Must do this before they close forever...
-At least one load of laundry. See last Friday's post:)
-Quick trip to store. Daughter ate the rest of the Cap'n Crunch PB cereal. I've only had one bowl since I bought it Friday.
-Expand ending to contracted book. Editor's note: "I know you have a zestier ending in you once the cold abates!" Thanks, Chuck...Don't like my ending? YOU write it! (Just kidding...)
-Try to keep from blowing my brains out...from the sneezing! At least I don't feel like I'm trying to hack up a lung anymore...Anyone got better sinuses they'd care to donate?? Oh can't swap holes in the head...
-Another trip to Office Max for copies...I only have to pay 7 cents per page, vs 10 cents at the library! And I don't have to stand in line at the printer. Or walk two blocks from my parking space.

Tired of hearing me whine? Go check out Kelly, Anny, Regina, or Sandra. They'll cheer you up! Links are to the right if these don't work:)


Carol said...

Good luck with Circuit City, I heard on the news that all of the stores closed last weekend.

Molly Daniels said...

Yeah; found that out. Now we go to Best Buy and see what happens. They're charging me $10 more.

Kelly Kirch said...

Aw hon. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I haven't been checking blogs much lately and didn't know. :(

Hope you're feeling better soon.