Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday News/Ramble

Currently Reading: Finished Jodi Picoult's Change of Heart, and boy is it good! I read her interview at the end, where she talks about her next book, and can't wait until it comes out! The topic is rather controversial, so I won't mention it here. Just go check it out for yourselves...or check back in a few months.

I've become a fan of the CBS Early Show's Family Sing-Off. Basically, they asked families to send in tapes of members singing; they would pick eight finalists and have the viewers vote for their favorite group, and the winner would get a recording contract.

Week #1, I correctly guessed which family would make it to the next round; the group who chose to sing 'ABC' just couldn't compare to the other group who sang a Cheap Trick song (the title is escaping at the moment...blame it on the stuffy head!). Week #2, I knew it was going to be close, but thought the group who sang 'On My Own' from Fame did better than the quartet who performed something else (see prior comment about stuffy head:). Unfortunately, I was wrong on that one. The all-guy group edged them out with a 2% lead.

This week, it's another tough call. This week's category was Gospel songs, and the first group has an amazing young lady (9 years old) with a powerful voice. They performed Aretha's 'Reach Out and Touch', and her sisters did a great job of backing her up. She's got great potential, if she ever learns to enunciate! But she's only 9...get this kid some singing lessons, and she'll go far! The second group performed an upbeat Praise song (not sure of the title), and they did a fantastic long as they stayed in harmony! Their 14-year-old lead singer was trying to sing about half an octave too deep for her (imho!), and would have done better if the notes had been adjusted. So who knows who the viewers will choose?

New Website...I Think...
My spouse discovered Kim Kommando last fall; she's an expert on all things computer. Today, I read her daily newsletter about a free website; you get the first year free, and then pay $15 per year. I figured, what the hell, and signed up for it. As soon as I get the notification that it's Active, I'll let you know where to find me. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about Microsoft Office Live Small Business?? Am I wasting my time, or did I do a good thing?

Cold Vs Allergies
Today on the news, they had a checklist to tell if what we're suffering is a cold, or if it's allergies.
-Comes on slowly: Cold
-Run a fever: Cold
-Itching associated with symptoms: Allergy
-Last more than 2 weeks: Allergy
-Sick in March: Allergy

Okay...I guess I have a cold which is turning into the allergy? Or did my asthma trigger the cold? Or did this all start with the allergy, aggrivated my asthma, and then turned into a cold?

Let's recap:
-Last week, had nagging cough and wheezing. Diagnosis: Asthma flare-up. Inhaler cured it.
-Add to it a few days later, excessive sinus drainage, which the addition of Robitussin cured.
-Saturday, I could feel the sneezing start.
-Sunday, my body ached. Diagnosis: I've got a cold/flu flare up. Added Advil Cold and Sinus to my regime.
-Monday, can't breathe through nose. See above.
-Tuesday, food sounds good again. Creativity even slightly returns (always good when that's your job, lol!)
-Yesterday, I even felt like I wanted to make dinner, and having depleted the Walmart Robitussin, started on D's diabetic Wal-tussin. YES!!! This is the stuff I remember taking last year! This stuff is can literally feel the mucous dry up inside the back of your throat...(sorry if this is a TMI moment...)
-And yes, it is March...and several years ago, I always came down with a secondary sinus infection. Haven't had one for a while, and really don't care to get another one!

And since my sense of smell has returned, I may work today instead of 'goofing off'...that and the fact I'm out of reading material...time to write my own:)

Found out my mother is putting us up in a motel next week which is attached to an indoor water park next week! Woo Hoo! I did tease her about not wanting her home invaded with five people, and having sleeping bags everywhere...But this way, she gets to enjoy the water park and splashing around with her grandchildren:)

Today's To-Do List:
-Walking. I think I'm going to show up today. Just didn't feel up to it on Tuesday...
-Writing the new ending to my contracted book. Did you see my mini-tantrum yesterday? Click here if you're interested.
-Free Teleseminar on publicity at 2pm.
-Washing the front room curtains. Noticed they're a little dingy.
-Chat with Adrianne Brennan before or after Surviver on the Novel Sisterhood. She's got a new series I'm dying to read. Maybe she'll give away a freebie tonight?? That's how I read her Blood of the Dark Moon...

Have a good day; I need to get dressed and head over to the park.

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