Monday, March 23, 2009

New and Improved??

Currently Reading: Getting ready to order this week's books. I'm also reading Patti Lacy's An Irishwoman's Tale.

Before and After
This is me before...

And after!

So what's the verdict? Do I look younger, older, or just the same?
My kids say I look like a poodle...
NCAA Tournament
I successfully picked 24/32 teams to advance to round #2, and was 14/16 in round #3:)
My pics for the Sweet 16 are:
Villinova (although Duke will most likely win)
Gonzaga (although North Carolina will probably prevail)
I did better this year than last year!
Health Issues
My cold is gone; now my asthma's driving me crazy. Normally I only have to puff the inhaler twice a day during a flare-up; I'm hitting it and the diabetic Tussin every 4 hours; otherwise I sound as if I have lung cancer.
I've also managed to do something to my left foot; the inside of my ankle has been bothering me. I've either strained a tendon/ligament or possibly have a stress fracture, says my nurse mommy. Going to the dr about it today. Maybe the asthma will flare up while I'm in the office and he can check out my lungs too?? Otherwise I have to wait until April for an official appointment; today I'm tagging along with hubby on his routine checkup.
Taking the Media Plunge
A friend of mine has taken a job at Blog Talk Radio, and talked me into an interview next Monday. BB and I are going to be his 'Estrogen Hour', and talking about our books, reading excerpts, and doing whatever-God-knows-what-else! Cuddles, Cha-Cha...anyone else want to be my voice double???? Maybe my husky laryngitis will return. I think I sound better that way.
I know it's scheduled for 2:00 EST; when I get more details, I'll pass them on. Anyone know how to record these things?
Today's To-Do List:
-One load of laundry (S's)
-Edits on Ch 6 and Epilogue (hopefully the last ones!)
-Dr's appt
-Buying e-books
Have a good day:)


Anny Cook said...

I like the new "do". Very neat.

Ashley Ladd said...

Cute hair. I like it.

I hope the asthma settles down soon. Mine FINALLY has. It sucked while it was acting up so I can commisserate.

Regina Carlysle said...

Very classy, Molly. I like it.