Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying...And Another Dittie...

Currently Reading: Finished Soul Stone last night. Wow...I wondered how and incubus and human romance would work out...great ending for this series! Another Recommended Read! I think I'm going to re-read Liana Leverenze's Jake's Return again, this time more slowly. I read it last week in a hurry for a Reader's Challenge, and now I want to go back and savor the details.

I'm up to Ch 12 on Breaking Dawn. Dakota, you really need to read this book...there is an element to her vampire sex I think you'll enjoy:)

Host Chris Searle: In which European country is Mount Etna?

Caller: Japan.

Searle: I did say European country, so in case you didn't hear that, I can let you try again.

Caller: Er...Mexico?

-during the phone-in quiz segment of the Chris Searle Show, BBC Radio Bristol

Eye of the Writer, Pt 2
Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, the following popped into my head. I managed to write it down and return to Slumberland. Enjoy:)

Kel...Kel Kel Kel....Kel Kel Kel...Kel Kel Keeeeeelllllll...(repeat)

Kel's our gal
For Regency, murder
And now she's switched into Inspy.

Her Blu was hot
It was causing conflict
As it posed a dire threat to Real Life...

Now she's
Written one and has submitted as well
Fingers crossed and clacking on her laptop
She's time-traveled and even
Gotten sucked in the book,
Blogging, Facebook, and MySpace , oh what....

Is her new pen name?

If you think I've lost my mind, either scroll down to Brynn's, or click here to see the video which inspired all this nuttiness!

Speaking of Facebook, the other day I saw a friend from my past who's brought to life several pleasant memories. We worked together twenty-one years ago; I was a summer temp and he was my foreman.

We had attended rival high schools, and since the job required getting hot and dirty, we all wore T-shirts every day. About every two weeks or so, either he or I would wear out Senior shirt, and the day I walked through the door and discovered we had chosen to wear them that day, the other other guys kidded us about an all-out war.

"No; we know whose class was the smartest," I laughed and went about my job.

I think that's the day he started chasing me around the factory with the forklift.

I'd also playfully smack my broom against his feet if I was sweeping up sawdust.

One day, after I'd just put all the rivets into their slots of the semi trailer we were making, he came over to speak to me about something and hoisted himself up on the sidetable. When he finished, he jumped off, causing every single rivet to pop out.

"Get back to work," he said.

"Oh no...YOU caused them to pop out; YOU put them back in," I replied.

He shot me a look; I stared right back. He shook his head and began replacing all the rivets. I patted his back and said, "Good boy!"

For all our kidding around, he knew that if he wanted something done, he could count on me to do it. There was another coworker who lorded it over me daily that she had managed to get hired on while I was still receiving 'temp' pay, but the fact of the matter was, she was jealous of me. I didn't need the job and she did. But...our boss would ask her to do something and soon he'd be coming to me to see that she finished it.

When I gave my notice, he threatened to kidnap me and not let me go back to college!

I came back for my quarter break and asked him why he hadn't fired me for insubordination.

"Are you kidding? You were fun to have around!"

I also went drinking with he and the guys, and he got mad at me:

"You're bad for me; I've tried to pick up every single woman in this place, but they all think I'm with YOU!"

I shrugged. "Not my fault they have better taste in men!"

He's still working at the company and has changed his life around since then. He's actually a preacher with his own church. A 180 from the man I knew back then:)

Enjoy your Saturday; I may do my final chapter edits; I may just relax and read today.


Kelly Kirch said...

LOL, nuthead. :) No secret that Kirch is now Marstad. But just in case anyone missed it....

Kelly Kirch now writes as Kelly Marstad. Still awaiting a contract but have an interested party through Harvest House. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the dittie, Moll!

Sandra Cox said...

Whether you read or edit, enjoy:)

Ashley Ladd said...

I hope you got your edits done today. I finally got my EC edit done. Wish me luck that my editor likes it.

liana laverentz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Jake's Return enough to want to read it again. Happy reading and thanks for your support!