Friday, March 13, 2009

Slow News Day??

Currently Reading: Just the blogs and email at the moment. Will buy books later today:)

Yesterday, Bristol Palin's split from her fiancee was the second lead story. Today it's Jennifer Aniston's split with John Mayer.

My thought...who cares?

Bristol's 18, for crying out loud! Not many 18-yr-olds who marry 'because they're pregnant/had a baby together' stay together forever; a lot of them end up divorced, simply because they're too young.

But why are you picking on a 40-yr-old who is at the height of her career, seems to be happy, and finally over that horrendous event from two or more years ago? Get over it and go pick on someone else! Some women do NOT need a man to make them complete! Something I didn't learn until my thirties...

And perhaps the most 'shocker'...Anna Nicole's boyfriend helped fuel her drug habit.

Well we knew she just couldn't walk into the pharmacy and get them under her own name, could we? Noooo...there had to be an alias used. And now Howard K Stern AND two doctors are facing charges.

And this is news because....??? Let me check my channel. Have I stumbled on TMZ by mistake? No; I'm still watching network news.

Must be a slow news day if these are the top stories.

Website Alert!
My web designer is going to upload his design today, so check TOMORROW to see how you like it, or if it's working. Right now, all you see is the 'How To Get Started' info. Again, if anyone has dealt with Microsoft Office Live Small Business, please let me know if you love it or hate it?

Sent out my newsletter yesterday, and then discovered Tierney O'Malley's already changed her 'Featured Author' to someone else! Guess I should have checked to see how long my interview was up before I included it...

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Creativity Go?
(sounds of crickets chirping...)
I came up with an ending to my story...

'And they lived happily ever after...'

But I don't think my editor will appreciate it. Better come up with something more original. I tried going through my own finished manuscripts and looking at the endings, and still came up blank! Today, I'm going to surf through several e-books to see if anything sparks...Don't worry; I'm not planning to plagerize...just looking for an idea to hit my muse upside the head!

I did manage to walk 4 miles yesterday, and the only thing running through my head during it was promo ideas. I really want my edits finished before I head north next week (sorry Carol...not heading east! Maybe when I demand a REAL vacation, we'll head over there and meet up!)

Today's To-Do List:
-Housework. I know; fun, fun. But being sick has taken its toll on my floors, and hubby made an appalling statement: "If you don't get this place cleaned up, I ain't going with you next week.' I want to leave him behind and let him take care of the animals, or do I want him with me to help corral the kids at the water park? Big decision to make in the next several days...and why is it MY job to clean up the place? Oh wait...I'm the mommy. He works too hard....(record scratch) Huh? All he's done is watch TV. The most strenuous thing he's accomplished this week is to switch our fire extinguisher from beside the stove to the opposite wall!

Got news for him: This afternoon, it's going to be a JOINT effort! Even my sick kid can do a small chore this afternoon...and then go back to bed.

Maybe that will jump-start the creativity?


Regina Carlysle said...

I think the current lack of creativity is going around. I'm suffering from it too. Yes...they need to leave Jennifer alone. I really find it ridiculous everyone's assumption that a woman needs a man to be complete.

Molly Daniels said...

Hi Regina:) Hope yours returns PDQ!