Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shaking My Head Over Several Things

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 8 on Carpe Demon, and found out this is a series! I'm enjoying this, so I'll be purchasing the others. I also read the first chapter of A Psychic Hitch and am looking forward to getting back to it! Just ran out of time yesterday.

-Corrected and sent the wrong version of my ms to editor. Apparently the brain wasn't ready to go back to work. Characters refused to talk to me also.

-Carol, you jinxed me, lol...I went to fix dinner last night and blew up my oven. Not literally; the heating element shorted out and caused a small fire as I was preheating the thing. And when my spouse tried to unscrew the ring, the fuses blew. Yes, he had sprinkled baking soda, but the 'hot spot' decided to move to the left, hence the removal of the heating ring:) So until we can locate a new part, I'm reduced to cooking on top of the stove, in the slow cooker, or using the electric skillet.

And guess what I woke up this morning wanting to fix? Yup...both chicken dishes which call for oven roasting! We're doing leftovers instead.

-I'm sooooo tired of hearing about Octo-Mom. I'd heard yesterday she'd fired the free nurse-nannies; now I'm wondering if the attorney is right, after all, and the whole thing was a set-up for her to fail. Part of me says no; the other part says yes. It's in God's hands; I have no control over it. I will simply keep praying for the right action in order for all fourteen kids to be healthy and well-adjusted through all this.

-Took a a couple of quizzes on Facebook, and according to the results, I'm a June Cleaver-type mom; I dress 'funky'; and strive to be the 'lively center of attention'. HUH??? My house is lived in, not spotless; I live in blue jeans and clothing I've worn for the past decade or so (I hate shopping for clothes until it's absolutely necessary!); and in social situations, I panic if I don't know anyone.

And when I posed this to my crit group last night, they laughed at me! Seems I talk more than anyone in the group. So maybe when I'm comfortable with those I'm around, I have no problem speaking up?

Far cry from the person who used to be afraid to hold her hand up in class...

Of course, nine years ago, I was talking to the president of our baseball youth league, and when he told me his wife was on the shy side, I told him I was too....and even HE laughed at me!

So maybe I do have a split personality and just don't realize it????

I guess I'll super-glue my lips shut next week.

-Had a bad dream last night. Travis and I were doing the Blog Radio interview and the only person who called in asked me about the proper nutrition for his guinea pigs. We ended up swapping stories of our rodents instead of me plugging my books.

I'll post the link to his show on Monday, and if you call in, I have rats, not guinea pigs?

-I guess the 'magic X-ray' foot seems to be less sore today??? Hopefully the dr will call me today with the results. The new inhaler he put me on seems to work better too. I jokingly told hubby that if I could just find an alternate way to inhale oxygen without using my nose or mouth, I'd be fine:)

Today's To-Do List:
-The housecleaning I didn't do yesterday
-Calling Follett's and Borders
-Buying more sinus meds
-Waiting to hear from the dr about my X-rays.
-Fixing my edits from Monday

Website is up and running! Check it out here:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Think maybe I'm a June Cleever too but everytime I tell a close friend that I'm shy in public they laugh their butts off. Um. I AM shy. I really AM.

Carol said...

Sorry to hear about your stove, I can relate.

Ashley Ladd said...

I think I'm shy - around people I don't know or don't know well. If I feel comfortable with someone, I'll sometimes talk way too much.