Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poking My Head Out...

Currently Reading: Last Glass of Wine. I'm up to Chapter 9. I also finished Vanishing Acts, and like Jodi's other books, it too has a surprising twist in the end. Why am I not surprised? In a minor rebellion act, I also purchased The Tenth Circle, since my breathing issues (see below) made me too tired to sit in front of the computer.

As Cindy says, the podcast is up. I cannot change anything, other than to plead with Travis to give me another shot at correcting any mistakes I made yesterday. While I think I only coughed a couple of times, my mind went blank and I heard myself saying things I never intended to say. Ever had that happen? You realize the words coming out of your mouth are not the ones you want? Hopefully listeners will forgive me.

And I have heard from some people congratulating me on a good show, and no one has yelled at me (yet). I'm going to listen again to the whole thing later today (I only listened for 5 minutes to hear how my voice came across, and I was happy) and probably cringe in a few spots...but that's normal, right?

Moving on...
Am I the only one who wants to slap the little girl in the new Fish Sticks commercial? I realize it's just a marketing ploy, but really...if my kid talked to me that way, complaining of 'substandard' food, I'd tell her to be grateful for what we could afford to buy! Maybe the 'minced' fish sticks were cheaper, so to pinch a few pennies, that's what the mom bought. I've had to do this lately; forego name brands in favor of cheaper brands or even generic. But there are some I REFUSE to go generic on:

Peanut butter (gotta have my Peter Pan!)
Cap'n Crunch PB (all other flavors, yeah the generic tastes the same)
Spaghetti-Oh's (generic=YUCK! Gotta be Frank-O American or Chef-Boyardee)
Coffee (Gotta be Folgers)
Creamer (my flavor is only in Internat'l Foods)
Pudding cups (Only Snack-Pak or Jell-O; instant pudding, generic's okay)

I think that's basically all. Although sometimes you just gotta have your Edy's Ice Cream, or Velveeta Shells-n-Cheese. Or Kraft.

Dr Dr, Give Me the News...
No, not lovesick; found out why I've had so much trouble with my asthma.


I'm on antibiotics and prednizone. Fun, fun. I should feel better tomorow. But no walking, and I've managed to put on another pound. You'd think with all this sweating I do, I'd lose a few pounds in water weight. But apparently not enough.

Course, my nightly Twix PB candy bars probably contribute...and so does my morning bowl of cereal...and I did consume 4 hot dogs with mustard before the appointment...and I wasn't having a hot flash during the weigh-in.

New Part Today??
Oven parts should be arriving today. Yay! I can finally make that herb-roasted chicken that looks soooooooo good on the recipe card:) I'm doing chicken and rice in the slow-cooker today, though, in case it doesn't come. I've got the herb recipe planned for Saturday.

Today's To-Do List:
Taking it easy; I woke up at 4am wheezing, and have been awake since. I may finally watch my DVD of The Muppet Show, since I decided to watch the previous two weeks' One Tree Hill while I was up. Still have last night's episode to watch.

I am going to Laptop Society tonight; some more editing questions will hopefully be answered.

And my usual Mommy duties: Making tea; cracking out the ice trays and refilling them; keeping track of toddler's whereabouts once this rain lets up.

What's on your agenda?


Anonymous said...

You've been sick for so long. Walking pneumonia?

Molly Daniels said...

Nope; just bronchitis. Haven't been this sick in probably 9 years???

Anny Cook said...

Laundry... laundry... laundry... Sigh.

Carol said...

Good interview, Molly. It started a little slow, but I think that was because the interviewing was sitting in a parking lot and not able to prepare. But, once everyone got comfortable, it went well. Nice job.

B.B. Walter said...

Sorry about the bronchitis, chica. Hope the meds kick its @$$!

List of things to do...hum, work all day, class all night, two hours of writing squeezed in during the day somewhere, and my tutoring, oh and my other writing class that's online; I should probably squeeze in laundry, dishes, and a shower at some point, but think I'd rather curl up with one of the books instead! *smile*

Did listen to the interview, and it was great. So glad you guys aren't mad at me for missing the correct time; I soooo can't believe I screwed that up. *sheepish look* But I'll make it up to you and Trav. I swear it! *smile*

Regina Carlysle said...

I always get brochitis and I'm sorry you have it now. It sucks.