Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Told You This Would Happen...

Currently Reading: Finished Emerald Green, and now I'm on Elaine Cantrell's Best New Toy of the Season. Finally! She teased me all last fall with this book, and now it's on my flash drive!

It's Spring Break; week #2 of DST, and guess who's wide awake at 6am? Grrr...

I had to get up early yesterday, in order to put out the trash. I had my alarm set for seven, because my spouse has an eye appointment at eight, and since he's getting dialated, guess who has to drive him?

So what happened? I woke up around 5, extremely hot. Seems the toddler crawled into bed with us and decided Mommy was the perfect snuggler. Unfortunately, his body heat drove me out of bed and onto the couch.

Temps are supposed to be in the 70's today; I think I'll go walk the mile track in the park. It usually takes me about 10 minutes per lap, so if I walk for an entire hour, that will make it six miles for the day.

Operation Clean-Up
There's a new ceiling light in the (former) dining room/S's bedroom/my office/toy room! Plus, I managed to clear everything off the table we'd put up for the holidays and send it back to the basement. Watch it come up again for Easter...but it had become a 'catch-all' and was driving me crazy!

Today I hope to tackle the kitchen floor and do any last-minute laundry before we head north tomorrow.

Forgot To Mention:
Happy belated birthday to my Uncle Bill (12th) and K's friend Sam (yesterday)! I almost made a cake yesterday, but with D's sugar still close to 200 and me watching my calories, I decided against it. Especially with two teens gone for the day. But then Sam ended up eating dinner with us, and mentioned her favorite cake is red velvet, and her parents don't do the whole birthday thing. So after we gave her the birthday spankings, hugs, pinch, and kisses, we handed her $10 and sent both teens to the ice cream shop. And next time I'll listen when that voice tells me to bake something! Too bad we couldn't send them to Regina's house...but then again, Sam's from that area!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Don't forget to wear your green! And another Happy Birthday shout to my very first boyfriend and his twin brother:) I think today's also Steve and Heather's wedding anniversary...I took my future husband to their ceremony, so this would be year #18 for them!

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Anonymous said...

Operation clean up is kinda what happened around here too. I had a meltdown on Friday and decided my kids were going to clean the house, by themselves, from top to bottom.

They did. It took two days but they did it and guess what? It's Tuesday on Spring break and IT'S STILL CLEAN. Maybe that's because it was so much work the first time they finally got why I freaked everytime the wrecked the place.

And thanks, I'll have a safe trip I'm sure. You too, okay? Be safe.