Friday, March 27, 2009

Strange Week

Currently Reading: LOVED Carpe Demon! Now I'm reading another Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Act. And I hope to finish Psychic Hitch today.

Monday, I had a momentary lapse of sanity when I agreed to the blog talk radio interview.

Tuesday, I blew up my oven.

Wednesday, I corrected the wrong version of my MS.

Yesterday, I only picked ONE team to advance to the Elite 8! Wonder how many of my picks will advance today?

Arizona (Louisville might beat 'em though)
Gonzaga (although I like North Carolina too)

Merry Easter!
Got a phone call from my sis last night; the Christmas package had arrived. I've been dubbed the 'Best Aunt Ever!' Why?

"Finances are slim at the moment, and D has been bugging me for new engines to add to his Thomas collection. And then the wonderful box arrives, and what's in it? Two new engines, and one of them is Rosie (his favorite)!"

I've been informed to continue my practice of sending their presents in March:) Note to self: Toss in some Easter stuff next year.

Apparently, the 'line' forming for the release of my book has grown by at least sis is also enjoying her status as 'sister to the erotic romance author', and spreading the word to the women she works with and other friends:)

Wrong Way to Boycott?
Saw that Melissa Etheridge is refusing to pay her taxes until gay marriage becomes legal. I don't quite think this will accomplish anything except setting a bad example for her kids. Surely there's a better way to express your views?

Update on Health:
My foot is feeling fine today; and no matter what combination of inhaler/Tussin/A C&S, I start coughing again at the 3 hour mark. And the toddler had an accident last night, so had to treat myself again at 3am! Hubby wants me to have my lungs checked; I say give me one more week. Or better yet, can I go visit my own doctor?? The one who knows my history for the past 17 years???? Normally at this time, I'm complaining of intense sinus pressure, not coughing so hard my head hurts!

Mom and I were talking yesterday, and we came to the conclusion we should just put a bubble around every single house in Indiana, so we can BREATHE! Or better yet...move to Florida or Risa (Star Trek climate-controlled planet! Sounds wonderful....)??

Enjoy your Friday; I'm off to clean up the house (again) and spend tonight watching basketball.

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