Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh My Aching Feet!

Currently Reading: I'm up to ch 5 on Psychic Hitch:) And ch 12 on Carpe Demon!

Found out the results of my X-rays.

Diagnosis: Arthritis.

Oh joy...I knew I had some slight arthritis on the outside of that foot; I jumped off my upper bunk 25 years ago and landed, not on my desk chair as planned, but on the floor instead. Used crutches for two weeks, and could always tell when it was going to rain for a few years afterward, lol:)

But now I apparently have it on the inside of my ankle. So I guess I'll be popping Tylenol whenever the pain gets too bad.

I really want a second opinion from my doctor, but he's two or three hours away, since he moved his office to Fishers, IN! I kept telling him to come south, but noooooo.

I'm also apparently going through another round of 'Let's Try to Regulate the Body Heat'. I can spend minutes shivering, and then all of a sudden I'm about to spontaneously combust. Bundle up; strip off; put head in freezer; drink something hot.

I wish my body would pick a temperature it LIKES and stays with it!

We overslept this morning because all of my tossing and turning/throwing the blankets over my husband/scrambling to take them back interrupted our sleep patterns!

And I'm trying to find out which combination of inhaler/Tussin DM/Advil Cold and Sinus every 3-4 hours works to keep my coughing at bay. So far the inhaler/cough meds only worked for 3 hours. I'm 90 minutes into the inhaler/A C&S combo, and cough-free. If this keeps up until after 2pm, I'll be thrilled. I don't want to be hacking my way through the interview next Monday!

And speaking of which, here's the link: He's on at different times so far, but our interview is at 2pm EST next Monday the 30th. If you don't have an account, you can download it or listen on Tuesday. I'm still looking for a voice double...

In case you missed it, my website is up and running, with a temporary template until my web designer finishes with his. Thank Anny for the kick in the pants on doing's only been on the web for two weeks with no info!

NCAA Picks:
Villanova (although Duke will probably win...)


Sandra Cox said...

Bummer about the arthritis. Have you heard that concentrated cherry juice (1 to 2 tbsp in a glass of water) is supposed to be good for inflammation?

Carol said...

Welcome to the world of getting old. They make fun of me at work because it seems I am always moaning when I have to get up from my chair. LOL!

Regina Carlysle said...

Oh, Molly! Sorry about the arthritis.

Molly Daniels said...

As I said...the 'magic X-rays' foot didn't hurt at all yesterday:)

Might have just been a strained tendon...