Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job Hunt

Currently Reading: Rewarded myself after finishing up Ch 2 edits with Ashley Ladd's Liquid Heat and Submissive Desires. Loved Desires! I'm calling it a Recommended Read:) Also read Elyssa Edwards' Lover's Stone, another Recommended Read! Next up is Soul's Stone.

In my Arbor U series, the characters are in college, studying for their chosen professions:

Elicia wants to be an administrative assistant.

Amy, a psychologist.

Keri's goal is to be the first ever female member of an Indy Racing pit crew, or even Crew Chief.

Gretchen's dream is to travel, and eventually work with the elderly as a Social Worker.

Caitlyn wants to be a third grade teacher.

Stephanie dreams of coaching sports at her old high school.

Susan also wants to be a teacher, though she's not sure of what grade to teach.

Lynn's major is Business Administration, though she's enjoying being a member of the Cheer squad and entering the Miss Arbor U pageant.

Tara wants to become a chemical engineer.

Donna wants to work for a major newspaper one day.

A yet-to-be-named character dreams of becoming a nurse or doctor.

Kathryn wants to open her own daycare for the six and under set.

Cassandra wants to become an accountant.

These stories have been in my head for over ten years. I've written most, or at least part of the last six stories, all but the nurse/doctor one.

I also have some other yet-to-be-finished stories:

Erica owns her own convenience store.

Randi works for a corporation in her home office.

Tori is a DJ who was on a reality TV show.

Misty writes for a local, tri-county business newspaper.

Katherine was recently widowed, and is in the process of healing her grieving family.

And the ones written in the past two years?

Angela is co-owner of a trendy boutique and designes jewelry.

Emma manages a riding stable.

Courtney is a chef in a country club.

Amber owns her own cafe.

Cara is assistant manager of a private charity club.

Tammy designs and sells handicrafts from her home.

So what's the point of all this? My character Thalia needs a job/career. She lives in a small town with her four-year-old daughter, and has been divorced for two years. Her parents live thirty miles away, so she obviously needs a job/career that pays well enough to support daycare for her daughter. Any suggestions? I've discovered I keep recycling careers and would like something fresh. But not too 'out there'.

Customer service? Landscaper? Architect?

Weather Update:
Is this crazy or what? It's supposed to be warmer in Denver, Colorado, then Tampa, Florida today! The east coast gets hit with a snowstorm; Texas is in the 90's; we're actually going to be above freezing today at 42. Just wish that wind would settle down! We hit 31 yesterday, but with the wind whipping around, it felt like 20 or below. So depending on where you were the past two days, March either came in like a lion, a sleepy lamb, or for us, a lamb throwing a temper tantrum.

Gas prices shot up last week from $1.79 to $1.99...but have now dropped an entire penny. We didn't get any snow. I've not been out of the house yet; if it drops some more, I'll report it tomorrow.

Today's To-Do List:
-Walking from 10-11:30
-Take S to the dr...the kid woke up with a sore throat yesterday and now has white spots on her tonsils.
-Take D to the eye dr for his surgery
-Edit Ch 3
-Laptop Society Meeting tonight.

Have a great day and check in with Kelly; she's got good news, if you didn't see it yesterday!


Carol said...

Thalia could get a job as the local Librarian, or as a library clerk. I live in a very small town and that's the first job that popped into my head. For a small town, it's decent pay and usually has benefits since it's a government job. Good luck.

Mia Watts said...

Have seen you on comparable blogs and am told you delight at winning free books. Blame Bronwyn Green.

Am running final day of contest giveaway. All who enter comment on my blog prior to 11:59p today are entered in drawing for Claimed by Darkness. Blurb and excerpt on site.

All commenters welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention, sweetie. And what's with all the sickies lately? My two are coughing like crazy. I'm a bit worried about P since she's been coughing for three weeks. This last week has been particularly hard on her and I may resort to going to a doctor.

Looks like you have a slew of people running through your head at any given moment. Take em on and get those books out there. :)

Good luck!

pmrussell said...

I stopped by to say I'm sorry I missed your signing at Blue Moon, way back there. I've just now had the time to comment. Also, your character could be a data processor where she works on computers all day.That way she could sneak in some computer socializing with other characters while at work. I'm not saying I do that myself, mind you, but it can be done. ;)