Monday, March 2, 2009


Currently Reading: I finished AJ's Anyone But You, and now it's a toss-up as to which book I like better...ABY or Mirabelle...

Pics From Yesterday:
W's new toy golf set...he's already 'golfed' in the living room, scaring Oreo!

Just what every 5-year-old needs...a Nerf gun! This morning, he turned the thing around and squeezed the trigger, aiming a blast of air at his eye. An ice pack and he was least it wasn't the 'bullet'!

His cake...which this morning has only two pieces left!

Have no idea what S is doing to her little brother (I think she's turning his head to face the cake!) Happy Birthday, sweetie!
An hour after the party..."Mommy? Do I turn six tomorrow?"
This week I have got to finish my edits! The only thing we have this week is D's eye surgery tomorrow...he has fiberous strands forming behind his implants. They are doing one eye this week and the other one next week. I should have a good week with few distractions.
To-Do List for Today:

And his favorite gift?
Tool bench, "Just like Daddy's! Cool!"
We'll be moving it to the basement before he gets home from school! The thing can be taken apart, made into a carrying case, and reassembled! I don't know who had the better time putting it together...Daddy or W!

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Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like the birthday boy had a wonderful day! Love the cake:)