Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday: New Life Decision

Sept 1993:
Brief recap:I returned from Florida with the fresh determination to re-enter the workforce.  After all, little K was now almost two years old and not so 'high maintenance' anymore, other than still being in diapers and very active.  But after a week on the job, I was stressed out.  Tired of having to drop my baby at a friend's house and not knowing what he did all day.  Tired of coming home after being on my feet for six hours and still being expected to do all the housework.  So I resigned, and tried to examine myself again.  What was I going to do?

The answer came during a discussion with the spouse.  He pointed out the fact he was almost forty years old to my twenty-seven.

"If we don't have another baby soon, K will have to be an only child.  I'm getting too old for this."

I agreed, and we decided to see what would happen.  I went off the pill.

Three weeks later, I was grumpy.  K had been particularly active, and had worn me out.  But he woke up in the night, vomiting, and I was the one who had to clean it up.  "And you want another one?" I snarled over my shoulder at 3am.  (Yes, I'm a total grouch when you wake me from a sound sleep!)

He lost his temper.  "No!  Go get your prescription refilled.  We'll just have the one, since that's all you seem to be able to handle."

We cleaned up the mess, got K settled again, and went back to bed.  I looked forward to the arrival of Mother Nature.

And enjoyed my 1st MOPS (Mothers Of Pre Schoolers) meeting:)

"He's Okay; Don't Worry..."
After MOPS, K and I joined my mom for lunch in the school cafeteria.  After consuming his hot dog, K climbed down and began to wander around.  When he got too close to the janitor's floor buffing machine, I called him back.

Bruce intervened.  "It's okay; he can't turn it on.  If he does, I'll give him a job."

Five minutes later, I noticed water on the floor, and alerted Bruce.  K had returned to his chair and was munching on his fries.

"I'll be damned....he DID turn it on!"

Mom and I laughed.  "Okay, Bruce; he's all yours!"

Present Day:
Tomorrow at Karaoke, I plan to sing the following 4 songs:
-Don't Pay The Ferryman (Chris DeBurg):  I know; I've had this on the list to sing again the last month, but in my defense, I wanted Melissa to hear me sing it, and she didn't arrive until after 11:30 last week.  And then I couldn't get back into the rotation.  So I'll warm up with it tomorrow.
-The Earth, The Sun, The Rain (Color Me Badd):  Not sure if this is going to be too low or not, but I've always loved this song!
-Edge of 17 (Stevie Nicks)
-8 Days A Week (Beatles)

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